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Jaguar and #GiveHerACrown empower six South African female creatives

21 Jul 2023

Jaguar South Africa is proud to reveal the six female artists participating in the 2023 #GiveHerACrown campaign. Championing a diverse range of artistic disciplines, the women were chosen for their unique and ground breaking work which celebrates female creativity and empowerment.

The 2023 campaign will see each artist create a bespoke piece aligned with the theme of “Celebrating the exquisite details of women”. Each art piece will portray a story that aims to not only inspire but encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. Jaguar firmly believes in empowering women and celebrating their fearless spirits and creativity, so as to express their inner selves to the world.

Launched in 2020, #GiveHerACrown is an empowerment platform that uses the power of storytelling and the arts to make a difference in the fight against gender inequality. #GiveHerACrown, empowered by Jaguar, has played an important role in uplifting female artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and share their stories.

As Jaguar reimagines its all-electric, modern luxury future within the JLR portfolio of brands, a focus on Diversity and Inclusion remains a top priority for the corporation. As a global business, building a rich and inclusive culture that reflects our communities is central to our commitment. As part of its strategy, the company has set several global objectives, including the target to have 30 per cent of all senior leadership positions held by females by 2026.

Employee-led networks, supported by the central Diversity and Inclusion team, and the Diversity and Inclusion Board co-sponsors, Barbara Bergmeier and François Dossa, are also advocating for gender equality in the business and more widely in the industry.

It is this expressed commitment to diversity and inclusion that attracted the involvement of talented filmmaker Linda Notelovitz from Life Design. Linda will turn her camera on the six artists, bringing to life their unique and inspiring stories Along with sharing their stories, the short films will focus on the behind the scenes of the artists’ creations.

These bespoke art pieces will join the Crown Collection, which is the exclusive collection of artworks produced each year by the artists of the #GiveHerACrown campaign. This year’s collection is curated by ARRCC, a highly regarded and accomplished interior design and décor studio based in Cape Town.

This year’s Crown Collection will be revealed and exhibited at The Melrose Gallery on 10 August and will remain on display until 25 August. As in previous years the proceeds from the campaign will go towards the Crown Bursary Fund to benefit a selected number of aspiring female designers.

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