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18 Jul 2023

Aromatherapy is the NEW wellbeing range from Jurlique to nourish your skin, mind and body.

Designed to complement your existing beauty ritual, the botanically-enriched Aromatherapy range completes your holistic wellness ritual.

Featuring pure essential oils, unique essential oil blends, indulgent bath and facial soaks, and a diffuser, Jurlique’s new Aromatherapy is the ultimate range to inspire a sense of wellbeing. spa-at home experience.

Aromatic oils have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years as a holistic wellness tool. By harnessing essential oils derived directly from nature, it captures the most potent ingredients to promote a sense of wellbeing.

The Aromatherapy range can be added to your existing skincare ritual for a complete sense of wellness to connect the skin, body and mind.

Jurlique pure Essential Oils are extracted from potent natural ingredients that are sourced at their peak for maximum skincare and Aromatherapy benefits to care for the skin, body, and mind. Use alone in your diffuser to dispense scent in your home and stimulate the senses.

The range of Blends are specially crafted with the Essential Oils of native Australian botanicals to bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. Jurlique leverages the benefits of ingredients local to Australia’s rugged landscape with Jurlique’s expertise in botanicals for a holistic approach to wellness.

The luxurious Jojoba Oil is rich in formulation and an incredible moisturiser, making it suitable to use as a standalone massage oil or as a carrier oil. Simply mix a few drops of an essential oil with your desired benefit and massage into the skin with pampering strokes.

Let your skin and senses be enveloped in pure botanicals with Jurlique Soaking Rituals for the face and body. Dispense up to 20 drops of your Soaking Ritual into a warm bath to experience skincare benefits and boost your mood. Alternatively, add 8-10 drops of your Soaking Ritual to a basin of warm water, dip a face cloth in the mixture, and compress onto the face and neck as you inhale deeply.

The ultrasonic technology of the Jurlique Diffuser helps you achieve optimal dispersion of your chosen essential oils.

4 ways to add Aromatherapy to your wellness ritual: 1. Add 5-8 drops of a single pure Essential Oil or an essential oil blend to your diffuser to disperse the scent in your home. 2. Apply your Jojoba Carrier Oil as a standalone massage oil or

as a carrier oil by adding a few drops of essential oil. 3. Add up to 20 drops of your chosen Soaking Ritual to your bath to enjoy skincare benefits and a sensorial experience. 4. Immerse a face towel in a basin of warm water with 8-10 drops of your preferred Soaking Ritual before pressing into the face and neck.

Jurlique Aromatherapy formulas feature pure essential oils to care for your skin and boost your mood. The natural ingredients are carefully blended to ensure their potency and efficacy to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Jurlique essential oil blends feature pure essential oils distilled and extracted from native Australian botanicals. Reset and revitalise your spirit as you cocoon yourself in sensorial fragrances inspired by Australian plants. From Lemon Myrtle to Tasmanian Lavender, Jurlique scours the nation to source effective ingredients in a sustainable and ethical manner with the planet in mind.

Packaging that cares for the earth

Jurlique essential oils and essential oil blends feature amber glass bottles that are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly FSC-approved cardboard packaging.

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