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Paul Smith’s iconic designs extend to home fragrance and launch exclusively at MECCA

16 Jul 2023

MECCA Brands, Australasia’s leading beauty retailer, is excited to welcome the iconic designs of Paul Smith into the rapidly expanding home fragrance category. Paul Smith, Britain’s leading independent design company, commonly known for injecting witty playfulness into all aspects of the brand, last year unveiled an inaugural home fragrance collection. From 4 July 2023, the collection of candles and diffusers will be available exclusively at MECCA.

Founded by Sir Paul Smith over 50 years ago, the brand’s philosophy has remained the same ‘classic with a twist’, with every piece representing Paul’s signature spirit – the home fragrance collection is no different. The collection continues the diversification of products for the designer, extending the home category which includes decorative cushions, blankets, and towels into encapsulating the scents of Paul’s very own, classically British experiences. Inspired by some of Paul’s most treasured memories and harnessing his love of colour and bold design, the set includes a series of collectible, reusable candles, and diffusers.

Four scents are included in the collection, offering an olfactory journey into the designer’s world. Named for idiomatic character and personality traits, they nod to Paul’s distinctly British sense of humour.

The scents include: Botanist, which is inspired by the clean-cut tailoring at Paul’s first Nottingham shop, evokes freshly-cut grass and greenery, and contains notes of Haitian vetiver, moss and lemon. Bookworm, a scent that is reminiscent of the stacks of books and papers in Paul’s office and evokes libraries and warming amber. It is formulated with Jamaican pimento berry, grapefruit and cedarwood. Early Bird, which recalls the reclaimed iron railings at Paul’s London shop and is designed to recreate the scent of rain falling on wet pavements on a cloudy morning. It is blended with notes of Indonesian patchouli oil, iris and rain accord. And Daydreamer, a scent that is inspired by Paul’s long summer holidays and evokes walled herb gardens and cycling through sunny fields at golden hour. It is made with French lavender oil, clary sage and verbena.

Every one of the scents has been carefully crafted by two IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) perfumers Céline Barel and Meabh McCurtin to stay true to Paul Smith’s individual sensibility. The specially selected ingredients include fine natural oils sourced from LMR Natural (Laboratoire Monique Remy), one of the world’s most renowned purveyors of raw materials with a long history of supplying the very best perfumers in the world.

Paul says: “The journey I’ve been on to create the fragrances for my first ever candle and diffuser collection has been a fascinating one, guided by some incredible perfumiers. I have really enjoyed the process of working with Meabh and Céline and it gave me the chance to reflect on some of my favourite memories, moments, and places in a new way. The creative process didn’t end with the fragrance, I was always very keen to place a lot of focus and time on the design of the vessels themselves. I really enjoy the combination of colour and light in the containers, and I hope that they will become keepsakes in their own right.”

Sharon Neale, MECCA’s Head of Fragrance, Hair & Body described how the launch injects a “luxurious vibrancy” into MECCA’s current offering. “Paul Smith’s signature and eclectic nature of design will bring an elevated sense of colour to the home I know our customers have been looking for”.

Crafted from two-tone complimentary coloured glass, each vessel is purposely designed to be reused (as a vase in the case of the diffuser or a jar in the case of the candles) and comes with a lid which doubles as a coaster to protect surfaces from heat and spills. The interaction between light and colour was key when designing the striking vessels which, when lit, will subtly recall Paul Smith’s Signature Stripe. Even the box, with its unique “zippered” design, has been carefully considered and is a wink to Paul’s tailoring expertise.

Each scent is available as either a single-wick 240g candle ($127 AUD), triple-wick 1kg candle ($438 AUD) or a 250ml reed diffuser ($185 AUD).

Paul Smith’s home fragrance collection is now available exclusively at select MECCA stores across Australia and online at www.mecca.com.au.

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