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P Frapin & Cie introduces Attendre and Espérer

08 Jul 2023

Until the day when God will deign to reveal mortals the future, all human wisdom will reside in these two words: Wait and hope!

The Earl of Monte Cristo, is a literary masterpiece that sums up the French spirit, where love, ambition, betrayal and friendship compete with pain, sorrow and of course with revenge... No one is unaware of this retributive epic, but its moral is much less known and partly more enigmatic... Our hero is declaring as a conclusion of the book: The human wisdom can be summed up in these two words: “Wait and hope”.

The house Frapin pays tribute to this embodiment of elegance, strength, intelligence, and mystery that is Edmond Dantes, by olfactory interpreting this sentence marked by Taoism and Christian hope, through a very original walnut – vetiver accord.

The freshness of vetiver is resolutely turned to the future while the telluric wisdom is carried by the protective figure of black walnut.

A dandy fragrance, full of philosophy and mystery.

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