Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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INGENIOUS GINGER -“A perfume that cascades on your skin.”

20 Jun 2023

Transportive and Seductive, Ingenious Ginger offers an instant sense of nature in a blissful and sultry destination. An uplifting perfume of sun-kissed mandarin, spicy ginger, elegant white florals, and warm, enveloping amber that cascades on your skin.

An olfactory imagining of the unscented torch ginger lily flower, Ingenious Ginger is an abstract citrusy, floral, and ambery perfume that expresses our Founder’s most beloved tropical flower, which grows in abundance at his holiday home in the wet tropics. This solar perfume opens with a burst of bergamot, amplified by the effervescent scent of ginger, the sparkle of mandarin, and the bright and sunny aura of magnolia.

Past the lively opening, jasmine and rose petals unfurl atop the ginger heart to soften its piquancy, elevating the composition to be more bright and floral. Blonde sandalwood and woody-green patchouli then reveal fresh nuances to the ever-present ginger accord as the composition deepens with cascading waves of golden amber and vanilla towards the base.

A revitalising perfume of spicy ginger, soft tropical florals, and cascading amber notes, Goldfields & Banks presents an olfactory interpretation of faraway mystique and natural abundance with Ingenious Ginger.

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