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A Modern Classic, The Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton Maze Collection showcased at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay comes to ARIA residency

14 May 2023

Plate with the precision of a Michelin starred chef and elevate your dining experience at home, with Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton’s Maze collection.

Two iconic British house-hold names, Royal Doulton and Gordon Ramsay have come together to elevate your dining experience with the Maze collection, a casual yet classic collection designed to enhance the everyday with ease.

Royal Doulton has been at the forefront of contemporary design and craftsmanship since 1815, bringing a relaxed and individual look to homes all over the world. For over 200 years, Royal Doulton has been savouring the moment, encouraging authentic connections around the table, and inspiring you to celebrate individuality at home through colourful and creative design.

The Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay journey officially began in 2005, when the two first collaborated to create Royal Doulton exclusively for Gordon Ramsay. The inspiration came from one of Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurants, which led to developing a casual yet classic collection, reflecting the changing food landscape, with an encouragement to embrace flavours around the dinner table at home with functional design.

Function-led design is at the very heart of the Maze collection, making it the central pillar of the Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay collaboration. Inspired by the fine bone china plates in the Royal Hospital Road restaurant, the Maze collection reinterpreted the ripple effect on the rim of the flat plates for a modern, functional and stylish piece. The concept behind the collection was to create an easy yet refined collection with truly timeless elements that would provide versatility, all food could be heroed by the design. Maze is a modern classic, brought to life with Royal Doulton’s history of craftsmanship and Gordon Ramsay’s expertise in food.

The Gordon Ramsay Maze collection will be showcased throughout the Gordon Ramsay x Aria residency highlighting the versatility of the collection from fine dining moments or casual dining at home.

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