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Leaky Gut solutions with Meluka Australia

07 May 2023

Support leaky gut symptoms with probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics thanks to Meluka Australia’s new Gut Nutrition powder range. With bloating, pain, and gas the top three complaints and symptoms Gut Health Naturopath Danielle Elliott from Tummy Rescue hears from her clients, she recommends the Gut Nutrition powders as part of her five steps for optimal gut health.

“Leaky gut otherwise known as hyperpermeable intestinal lining, is when there is damage to the gut instead of only allowing the passage of water and fully digested nutrients into our body, the gut is like a sieve or strainer with large holes punched in it, so it lets through undigested proteins and other substances. This activates the immune system that is trying to protect us and causes a cascade of inflammation.

“Bloating, pain and gas have to be the most common gut symptoms my patients experience, and they can literally feel like they are ruining your life. If bloating makes your clothes feel unbearably tight, by the end of the day, your gas is making social situations awkward, or you’re stressed about everything you eat, it’s time to make a change,” says Danielle.

Danielle’s 5 ways to reduce bloating, pain & gas include:

1. Mindful Meals: Digestion actually begins in the brain and not the mouth or stomach as most of us would think. The brain is the one that detects if we are ready to eat and then stimulates saliva production. Some ways to eat mindfully are, taking some deep breaths before, eating at a table, eating in a calm environment without technology or work to distract you, chewing well and tasting all the flavours.

2. Digestive Support: Digesting your food fully reduces symptoms throughout the digestive tract. Sometimes over time, our body can produce less digestive enzymes and this can create many symptoms including pain, gas, bloating, reflux, heartburn, diarrhoea & constipation. Some of the reasons for a decreased production of enzymes can include stress, eating when rushed, age, dehydration and medications like acid suppressants.

3. Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics: Specific strains of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics have been studied and proven to reduce bloating, gas production, inflammation, functional abdominal pain and can support the normal function of the gut. The new Meluka Australia Gut Nutrition powders are an easy way to get your daily dose of all three in the one go.

4. Consider Constipation: Constipation is one of the number one causes of gas and bloating and natural therapies offer many ways of dealing with this. You want to use supportive and restorative measures and not rely on over-the-counter laxatives that can actually make your bowel lazy and dependant on these medications forever.

5. Calm your nerves: We want to be in a ‘rest & digest’ state when eating, not ‘fight or flight’ as spending too much time in this state can reduce digestive capacity, change the forward movement of the gut, have negative effects on the microbiome and increase the production of inflammatory chemicals. Gentle movement, yoga, deep breathing, gardening and meditation are all great ways to support your nervous system to be in a ‘rest & digest’ more often.

Meluka Australia’s NEW 3-Step Functional Gut Nutrition System; CLEAN+, SEAL+ & CARE+. These triple action gut nutrition powders are formulated with Meluka Australia’s unique Lactobacillus rhamnosus Beebiotic MAP01® probiotic strain, combined with a blend of prebiotics, other probiotics and postbiotic strains together with selected functional superfood ingredients to serve its purpose for targeted gut wellbeing. These 100% natural gut health products provide a total of 21 Billion CFUs per serve (3-step system) and are available now from melukaaustralia.com.au starting at RRP $65 each or for RRP $158 as a complete 3-step system.

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