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29 Apr 2023

Leading international beauty brand, La Prairie is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Heinemann Tax & Duty Free – opening the FIRST permanent luxury beauty lounge and skincare destination at Sydney International airport.

Devised to deliver the ultimate pre-flight relaxation experience to discerning destination visitors who seek out the best, not just at home, but also when they travel, as a FIRST of its kind, the La Prairie Art of Beauty Lounge offers a unique luxury Spa service accessible to all travellers but in a private pod designed to escape the stress of pre-flight travel and to fully prepare travellers skin for changes in light, temperature, oxygen and differing time zones.  Featuring a welcome lounge and two private treatment rooms, services in the Art of Beauty Lounge follow a skincare consultation where clients can fully personalise their experience - from choosing music to complement their beauty journey, to the selection of pressure and scent and calming beverage - with luxurious treatments designed to last just 45 minutes pre-flight for the ultimate sensorial journey. 

“We are extremely proud of our La Prairie Australian team for pioneering this true luxury execution with Heinemann at Sydney International Airport.  Every detail has been considered for the travelling client and is incorporated in the La Prairie Art of Beauty Lounge”, says Noelle Goris – Vice President, La Prairie Asia and Travel Retail.  “From the welcome refreshment in our Swiss-designed suite, to the exceptional service experience each guest will receive, and of course, the most luxurious signature facial massages created with techniques and applications especially designed for hydrated and glowing skin for onward travel. A La Prairie immersion is set to be the perfect way to commence international travel forever”.

Creating destination seekers’ an indulgent, enveloping moment of relaxation and rejuvenation prior to their flight, La Prairie’s constant quest for timeless beauty and the highest level of performance complements Heinemann’s own pursuit of excellence - offering travellers’ an unparalleled experience unique to Sydney International Airport.

“We are delighted to launch La Prairie’s stunning Art of Beauty Lounge at Sydney International Airport,” says George Tsoukalas, Managing Director, Heinemann Tax & Duty Free Australia.  “With this beautiful and unique service experience we are creating yet another compelling reason to ‘arrive early’ at the airport.  The unmatched experience that La Prairie offers at the new Art of Beauty Lounge perfectly complements the atmosphere and brand offer that we have crafted with our luxury brand beauty and fashion boutiques, newly opened in February 2023”.

The bespoke La Prairie treatments commence with refreshments upon arrival and time for a unique skin consultation.  The client is invited to relax and experience the ultimate treatment bed, immediately offering an opportunity to lie down and unwind.  The Art of Beauty treatments combine a deep, cleansing and soothing facial massage with luxurious La Prairie products to ensure the client’s skin is hydrated, rejuvenated and fully flight-ready. Clients will be offered a treatment from the Platinum Rare, Pure Gold, Skin Caviar or White Caviar Collections that best suits their skin’s concerns, with full treatment descriptions here.

In addition, express services, at counter, will include: Instant Eye Revive – Smooth, firm and brighten your most expressive feature with a signature eye massage; Skin Caviar Hand and Arm Massage – Relax and unwind with a pampering hand and arm massage featuring the iconic Skin Caviar Collection;

The Art of Perfection – Discover the art of beautiful skin as a La Prairie Beauty Advisor selects and applies the perfect products to leave your skin glowing with renewed vitality; Complexion Application – Experience the sublime textures and exquisite finishes in La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Complexion creations.

All treatments and applications can be pre-booked through the La Prairie website.  Pre-planning your La Prairie luxury experience will allow travellers to relax upon their arrival to the airport and ensure a seamless, delightful pre-flight travel experience. All treatments are created to beautifully hydrate and relax guests’ skin and to prepare it for the changes in aircraft oxygen, air pressure, light exposure and temperature as they travel to their final destination.

Says La Prairie Managing Director Australia & NZ, Rosi Fernandez: “La Prairie is the only brand to hold two locations in Heinemann Duty Free, alongside the La Prairie retail space in the cosmetic area. The Art of Beauty Lounge embodies the values of our house, with the best of Swiss design and products together with the dynamically visual art by NZ born-Australia-based artist, Dion Hortsman.  La Prairie has a desire to offer the highest luxury experience in international travel with signature treatments that can be booked on-line and in advance prior to your flights’ departure – a destination and offering we are extremely proud of and thrilled to offer all”.

Rosi also suggested the future travelers that:“Many of the guests are seeking the opportunity to try the best for their skin, as a result the Platinum Rare treatment is popular. ”

To book, please visit: here.

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