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Get to know your glow with Clinique’s new limited edition Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator green aloe vera decorative jar

21 Apr 2023

Celebrating its hero ingredient – certified USDA Organic Aloe Bioferment that is responsibly sourced. Experience an exclusive virtual 3D digital Aloe journey with a unique NCF chip in this sustainable glass jar and take a deeper look at what makes your favourite pink moisturiser green.

It all begins with the star ingredient, the aloe plant. Responsibly sourced from farms in Mexico that grow certified organic crops, annually inspected and approved for adhering to all organic regulations. The aloe is sourced with a commitment to fair pricing, fair working conditions, respect for the ecosystem, promotion of biodiversity and respect and betterment of local impact, all developed for the Moisture Surge 100H.

The unique NFC chip allows you to journey through a Moisture Surge 100H 3D digital experience. Follow along the product journey in a Clinique-inspired fantasy world, starting in the aloe fields of Mexico and leading all the way to the final Moisture Surge 100H product. Interact with different elements to discover how Clinique responsibly sources the aloe and transforms the plant with the bio-fermentation

The NFC chip also links to a personalised digital analysis tool that pulls environmental data such as local temperature and pollution. After your skin health quiz, this tool will deliver a personalised analysis and provide a curated series of skincare tips.

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