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16 Apr 2023

As part of the ongoing partnership with Red Bull, Prada Linea Rossa supports Infinite Lines, a ski and snowboard competition mixing a natural playground with freestyle and backcountry modules. This competition brought together 24 of the most creative skiers and snowboarders of their generation, both women and men, including American snowboarder and Prada ambassador Julia Marino. The athlete lineup was as high and heterogeneous: on one hand, there were experienced and multi-medalist riders, and on the other hand, young talents mainly from the freestyle scene with their own specialties.

On the Combe du Fornet at an altitude of 2,225 meters, riders were able to showcase their talents in a unique terrain, mixing natural aerial obstacles, characteristic of backcountry, and Prada Lines Rossa highly technical snow modules shaped by the organization: kickers, hips, step up, step down, and tables. The challenge was to differentiate the performance of freestylers and freeriders in both disciplines on the same playing field.

The competitors' performances were judged by six judges (3 ski / 3 snowboard) on the criteria of creativity, fluidity, and difficulty. Creativity was rewarded with a special prize ‘Beyond the Line’, designed and presented by Prada Linea Rossa to the one athlete who challenged the most during the circuit - Jules Bonnaire.

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