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New Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, Double your defence with double-fermented kombucha + advanced metabiotic

06 Apr 2023

What if there was a way to not just protect your skin - but visibly repair it? Fresh’s Kombucha Antioxidant Facial Treatment Essence is newly upgraded to better protect and now visibly repair from the harmful effects of external stressors, leaving skin smooth and luminous. This essential skincare prep step deeply penetrates 20+ surface layers to boost your skincare routine’s efficacy and deliver that healthy luminosity kombucha fans know and love. It’s like liquid gold for your skin.

Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman has always been obsessed with fermented kombucha. “I started drinking kombucha and became so infatuated with the power of fermentation - how it made me feel energized - that I wanted to highlight its potential on the skin.” Fresh has conducted extensive research on the antioxidant ingredient and its skin defence properties to protect from the effects of external stressors. Today, Fresh’s kombucha delivers even more powerful antioxidant protection, thanks to a double fermentation process that produces small antioxidant molecules for easy penetration. Nicknamed the Golden Buds of Nepal, the fair-trade certified tea is sourced from a remote area in the Himalayan mountains. It has been assessed by UEBT whose standard focuses on both the people and planet.

The new liquid gold formula is also enhanced with an advanced metabiotic. Informed by 15 years of research, Fresh discovered this active ingredient supports skin’s enzymes to help visibly repair dullness or uneven texture caused by external stressors. As a result, it helps skin return to the look of its pre-exposed state, promoting luminosity and smoothness.

Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence is packed with other hard-working ingredients, including plumping hyaluronic acid and complexion-evening artemisia flower. Plus, this next generation of liquid luminosity now has more antioxidant power, more hydration, and 24-hour visible repair. Use daily, morning and night, to let your skin drink up all the benefits.

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