Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Edition

24 Mar 2023

Floral. Free spirited. Adventurous. Alluring and comforting like the sun rising over the mountains. Three Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Edition seasonal fragrances of paying homage to the abundant shades of pink and purple florals of the desert superbloom.

Capturing the free-spirited allure of a sunset walk through a field of blooming flowers, in a phenomenal landscape. The daisy paradise limited edition fragrances are a novel, seasonal twist on the classic daisy scent. Each fragrance features unique pinks and purple hued notes to evoke the comforting feeling of the warm sun touching the earth.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Paradise Limited Editions are now available from Myer, David Jones, Sephora stores and online.

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