Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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The purest ingredients and a unique scent, Juliette Has A Gun launched Not A Detergent and Not A Soap Bar

18 Mar 2023

Created in 2019, Not A Collection IS the cosmetic line of the emblematic Not A Perfume scent. Because you can’t get enough of your favorite not a perfume scent, we have added two new essentials to our collection. One for your skin and one for the clothes you put on it...

Your laundry routine upgraded to the level of your personal care. Who would want to wash their laundry differently once having tried Not A Detergent? The unique clean and comforting Not a perfume scent subtly infused in your bed linen, clothes or towels. The highly concentrated solution is presented in a compact bottle which allows you to do up to 25 washes. Small in size but as efficient as your regular detergent. Another way to live with your favorite fragrance.

Another bathroom classic. On the edge of the bathtub, standing in the shower or in a soap dish next to your sink, you will want the Not A Bar Soap everywhere! Formulated with skin loving ingredients, the iconic scent is revisited in a solid, gentle soap that cleanses and leaves the skin delicately scented, without drying it out.

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