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The new Sisley Stylo Correct: a one-of-a-kind concealer

13 Mar 2023

It’s  2022 and we’ve  had enough of airbrushed, filtered and altered images – this year we are embracing “no filter” natural beauty. We’re  all looking for healthy, clear, smooth and radiant skin and a blemish-free nude complexion, from morning until night. 

Say goodbye to smartphone filters – this very first correcting concealer subtly disguises blemishes and helps to minimize their appearance. It corrects them on the spot and day after day thanks to its skincare action that leaves  them less visible.

From a dull complexion to spots, dark circles, pigmentation flaws and fine lines – needs its own solution. Stylo Correct completes the “Perfect Complexion” routine. It complements  the actions of Phyto-Cernes Éclat, which hides dark circles and signs of fatigue, and the Stylo Lumière highlighter pen, which brightens parts of the face.

Its texture offers surprisingly lightweight full coverage  that blends  in with the skin so well that it becomes undetectable. Simply apply the tip of the stick to blemishes and watch them disappear, then use the foam tip to blend away any edges.

Its soft-focus effect and immediate radiance leave the skin looking more even and disguise any pigmentation flaws. Say so long to dilated pores, spots, fine lines, roughness, dark spots and redness! 

It conceals blemishes without drying the skin out. With continued use, the skin looks more and more beautiful.

Slimline and portable, it can fit in anywhere, making it an ideal companion that is always on hand for touch-ups. Its smart double-ended format features a fine tip for precise application on micro-areas and a second foam tip for blending the product. To suit as many different skin tones as possible, there are 11 different shades with neutral undertones and five levels of intensity: fair, light, medium, dark, and deep. Each shade corresponds to a shade of Sisley foundation, making it incredibly easy to match. So, if you normally use a 2N or 2W foundation, it will go with Stylo Correct No. 2. 

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