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Izia la Nuit: A Declaration of Love

25 Apr 2021

What the day owes the night?

Like a second rendezvous, Izia La Nuit is an ode to the night, bestowing new, heightened intensity on Izia, which was designed and created by Isabelle d’Ornano in 2017. It is a homage to a unique and mysterious rose that grows in her garden and only blooms fleetingly once a year.

Her fondness for the flower and its uncommon, original notes formed the foundations for Izia, a sunny and feminine fresh floral fragrance built around the distinctive scent of a bouquet of these roses, faithfully and exquisitely recreated by perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie.

A few years on, the Izia rose unleashes new sensuality, continuing the emotional experience with an addictive fragrance of floral, woody and chypre notes. Although still just as intensely floral, it is dressed in wood, a hint of vanilla, and leathery notes. Composed of the finest essences, Izia La Nuit recreates the excitement, wonder, blossoming, and serenity experienced throughout a love journey.

Like an encounter that awakens the unconscious and stimulates the senses, soaring luminous, full and sensual notes deliver a dizzying sensation as the fragrance develops, evolves and transforms over time, similar to a metaphor for the countless facets of love.

Izia La Nuit is more than a fragrance, a place or a time; it is a journey, an experience, a discovery:

A lively and exhilarating introduction that twists and turns... The first notes are fresh and vibrant: in the top notes, Bergamot mingles with the sweet and fruity notes of Mandarin and juicy Blackcurrant. The uniqueness of Cardamom lends a spicy, woody facet to this fresh and colourful beginning. In the deepest night, the enthusiasm of a promise emerges... In the pulsing middle notes, the Izia rose appears more radiant than ever thanks to the luminous and sparkling floral notes of Freesia and Magnolia. A magnificent culmination, a languorous and everlasting embrace embodied by a sensual, woody sillage... The sophisticated duo of Labdanum and Patchouli lend a leathery effect to Oak Moss, which completes the modern chypre structure of Izia La Nuit. Soft Ambrox releases warm, elegant and powerful aromas. A hint of woody, milky Vanilla brings the fragrance to a close, intensifying and lengthening its sillage.

Sisley has revisited the bottle designed for Izia in 2017 by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. The elegant, precious glass is cloaked in a deep and mysterious glossy black lacquer, contrasting with the delicate golden film that reflects the luminous fragrance. The name of the fragrance, “Izia La Nuit”, is handwritten by Isabelle d’Ornano and incorporates the word Izia – the diminutive form of Isabelle in Polish – giving the fragrance another incredibly personal and intimate touch. This name is etched into gold leaf and set against a midnight blue box scattered with stars. The inside of the packaging reveals the surrealist collages of English artist Quentin Jones, who interprets the idea of the gaze with a patchwork of eyes that cover the box and intermingle with golden dots.

Encompassing all of these emotions, Izia La Nuit is an olfactory encounter.

Sisley Izia La Nuit Eau de Parfum

30 ml AUD $170 | 50 ml AUD $240 | 100 ml AUD $350

Available on www.sisley.com.au and David Jones stores nationally.

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