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Aveda Introduces New Vegan Scalp Solutions Collection Powered by Biotech Naturals Skincare Science that Visibly Transforms Hair from the Source

09 Mar 2023

Aveda, the high-performance vegan hair care brand with a mission to care for the world, has introduced its new Scalp Solutions franchise, a 94% naturally derived collection of botanically-powered products designed to fight visible signs of premature scalp aging for healthier looking hair with renewed vitality and shine. Backed by research from world-leading scientific authorities in scalp biology, 8 years of scientific research and 13 clinical studies, Scalp Solutions leverages botanical adaptogenic scalp science and delivers a holistic approach to scalp care offering a high-performance scalp care regimen.

Scalp Solutions includes a powerful Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum that helps fight visible signs of premature scalp aging while you sleep, featuring a Biotech Naturals blend of Lactobacillus ferment and Ectoin that help strengthen and fortify the scalp’s barrier to help support a balanced microbiome. Skincare inspired adaptogens – Centella asiatica and Andrographis – enhance the scalp’s ability to fight the visible signs of premature aging by protecting and shielding the scalp from environmental aggressors and oxidative stressors, and Hyaluronic acid helps improve scalp hydration for a more supple scalp. This high-performing vegan scalp treatment provides 51% increase in scalp hydration and 58% increase in scalp softness in just one night, and 24% improvement in scalp barrier strength in one week.

Aveda’s Scalp Solutions regimen features powerful, botanically infused hair and scalp care products that help fight visible signs of premature scalp aging, formulated for all hair types and those with normal-to-oily and normal-to-dry scalp types.

For an additional invigorating scalp experience, use the Scalp Solutions Stimulating Scalp Massager which features soft, flexible micro-bristles to gently yet effectively lift impurities from the scalp and increase microcirculation with massage.

Aveda’s Scalp Solutions collection is available starting 12th March 2023 in Aveda salons, spas, stores and online at aveda.com.au.

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