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Let the sea empower your beauty - Thalgo welcomes NEW Silicium Lift range

04 Mar 2023

With age, wrinkles and a lack of firmness intensify. The complexion becomes duller and lacks freshness and a rosy glow. Skin sags and loses its structure and tone.

On a physiological level, skin ageing causes a slowdown in skin’s basal metabolism and a drop in the level of silicon in skin, reflected in: 1.a loss of skin firmness and tone, less resistant tissue lacking in structure. 2.wrinkles become deeper and more numerous, skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. 3.skin seems finer and the complexion takes on a dull and pale appearance. And 4. the facial muscles lose tone and resistance. The face lacks lift and structure.

THALGO has created Silicium Lift Skincare products and a professional protocol inspired by Face Fitness, to fill in wrinkles, firm skin and refresh the complexion.

Face Fitness consists in working the facial muscles, just like we develop the muscles in certain areas of the body. Almost 20 years ago, THALGO – the Face Fitness pioneer – created the Energilift massage in collaboration with a plastic surgeon. This exclusive sculpting massage works the muscles of the face and neck deep down, one by one. Like a manual facelift, this professional technique naturally resculpts the face. In 2022, THALGO has created The Face Fitness Roller - A unique massage roller developed to optimise the firming and lifting effectiveness of the Silicium Lift professional treatment.

Its exclusive ergonomic design allows mechanical stimulation of skin’s different structures, on a dermal, muscular and vascular level. A real fitness session for the face - it is available in a version for at-home use to boost the effectiveness of Silicium Lift skincare products on a daily basis. Inspired by professional musculo-dermal kneading and rolling techniques, tutorials provide a guide to the steps to perform at home for a quick and easy massage.

In collaboration with a French company specialising in the culture of fragile micro-algae nicknamed ‘Marine Bamboo’, THALGO has co-developed a source of organic marine silicon in a form that is highly absorbable and bio-available for skin, to firm and fill in wrinkles. In addition, Silicon and Vitamine C are infused to tone and refresh the complextion. THALGO patented Micronised Marine Algae filtrate completes the core active ingredients for revitalised skin on a daily basis.

Immerse, energise and correct, more than a mere anti-ageing range, Silicium Lift is a real skin architecture treatment thanks to the combination of marine silicon and the Face Fitness Roller. To prolong the benefits of the 60 minutes Silicium Lift Firming Treatment, THALGO has also adapted its professional formulas in five daily skincare products, accompanied by the Face Fitness Roller:

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