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23 Feb 2023

More than a perfume, it’s a motto

One of pride in love

Freedom in love

Love for all is here...

Get used to it!

Once again this year, Jean Paul Gaultier demonstrates his commitment. The new PRIDE 2023 limited edition is more than a fragrance, it’s a statement. A chrome bust that leads the parade and takes (back) the streets. Carrying forth its uninterrupted support to the faces and values of the LGBTQIA+ community, the Maison conveys a message of humanism and self-love with this new perfume.

Because love for all is here, it’s clear, and it is determined to overcome the struggle, Jean Paul Gaultier manifests dedication to the associations and leaders – both iconic and lesser-known – who are making a difference and changing minds in the real world. To support, $20 from every Jean Paul Gaultier Pride Collector will be donated to ACON to help power efforts to strengthen and support the LGBTQIA communities’ health and wellbeing.

The PRIDE 2023 limited edition is an eau de toilette that rallies one for all and all for one. A woody floral fragrance with a lemony boost. Brightened by fresh citrus and yuzu, spruced up with a bouquet of orange blossom and neroli. A simple spritz on the neck, the wrist, a T-shirt, guys, gals – whatever your truth.

Two busts, a single fragrance. This year’s mono-chrome bodies are adorned with a vision inspired by the House’s archives. A graffiti print that appeared on T-shirts tagged with a furious slogan for the 1994 spring/summer collection. Last year’s “Liberté, égalité, sexualité” now gives way to an even more topical message: “Get Used to It.”

The can is more than a can, it’s a banner. A totem object that speaks to graffiti, a crazy quilt, a slogan that resonates in the streets. In 2023, the aluminium canister that has become an icon takes on the PRIDE colours and expresses a message in no uncertain terms.

Pride 2023 releases the unlimited, liberated vibrancy of its proud, festive floral woody scent.

“It’s simple. It’s a celebration. The idea is to take the iconic neroli note of Gaultier perfumes and extend its persistence with a light touch, making seduction easy. Shaded with an intensely refreshing yuzu that matches the sensuality of its musky golden woodiness, this eau de toilette delicately delights all genders.” — Nathalie Cetto & Quentin Bisch, the perfumers who created the fragrance of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pride 2023 limited edition Classique and Le Male.

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