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Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar, drawing inspiration from the female leaders who are changing the nature of contemporary society to rewrite the rules of perfumery

14 Feb 2023

Since its creation in 2019, Idôle has drawn inspiration from the movers and shakers who are changing the nature of contemporary society to rewrite the rules of perfumery. Firmly rooted in its time, it celebrates the new vision of success, supported by female leaders of today. Driven by this powerful mindset, Idôle has made it a mission to keep pace with the irresistible momentum of women who are forging the world of tomorrow.

In 2022, Lancôme is writing a new chapter in the Idôle adventure with the creation of a fragrance that teams its commitment to sustainable development with the most profound aspirations of our time. The rose and vanilla featured in Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar are sustainably sourced, taking Lancôme's eco-minded vision of beauty right to the heart of the fragrance. These ingredients are combined with an unexpected popcorn accord that causes an olfactory disruption and shifts this neo-gourmand fragrance into uncharted addictive territory... moving forward with a new start.

More than a fragrance, Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar captures the strong beliefs that Lancôme upholds and shares with today's women. A concrete effort to move the world in the right direction. Paving the way with bold creativity and commitment, it encourages all women to take their shot. Better me, Better world.

Welcome to the era of neo-gourmand fragrances! Composed by the trio of perfumers behind the original eau de parfum – Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadége Le Garlantezec and Adriana Medina – Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar reinterprets its scent with a surprising popcorn accord. A crunchy texture with accents of cereal and caramel... This incredibly creative note breaks with the traditional codes of gourmand fragrances to pursue the innovation initiated by Idôle, a step ahead of its time. Or when addiction partners with revolution.

It all begins with the freshness of the iconic Idôle pear accord. Juicy and mouthwatering, it brightens the generous petals of a peony accord and the creamy softness of a magnolia accord. The iconic flower at the heart of Idôle transforms into a striking "soufflé" rose accord: a duo of Isparta rose and a touch of Centifolia rose essences, heightened by rose water and a hint of rose absolute, as if penetrated by an exhilarating breath of fresh air. Colored by a fruity veil of red apple, enhanced by a realist and ultra-modern esthetic, the queen of flowers offers an experience like no other... Its addiction is prolonged in the surprise of the popcorn accord that makes this fragrance truly unique: the warmth of its caramelized accents exquisitely embraces the enveloping richness of premium infusion of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, while its cereal effects add nuance to the intensely woody depth of Indonesian patchouli.

Driven by the vision of a new fragrant delight, Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar widens the field of olfactory possibilities to set the body and mind in motion. A fragrance inspired by the future, for all women charting a new course for tomorrow.

Conceived from the start as the fragrance of empowerment for a community of women determined to go further together, Idôle encapsulates the Lancôme commitments. Convinced that we can push the boundaries of perfumery, one ingredient after the other, the House is making further strides in its commitment to the transparency and traceability of the ingredients used in its formulas. As part of the L’Oréal sustainably sourced and ethics program, created to put the strength of the group towards greater social inclusion, Lanco?me benefits from raw materials, custom-crafted for its fragrances, sourced from sustainable suppliers or who are undergoing certification from independent bodies. In a constant effort to improve its practices and those of its partners, by systematically promoting suppliers that create a positive social, economic and environmental impact, the House contributes to the development of practices in the perfume industry. An approach fully aligned with the Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar mantra: "Better me, better world", or improving yourself to make the world a better place...

Grown in the cradle of rose cultivation in Turkey, this essence is obtained from handpicked roses crafted for Lancôme and enriched with concentrated rose water. Exalting the botanical facets of the queen of flowers, it contributes to the fresh floral explosion at the heart of Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar.

A Treasure of the island of Madagascar, vanilla develops an extraordinarily rich aromatic quality in this exceptional terroir. Lancôme relies on a sustainable supplier which has a positive impact on the local population and achieve unparalleled olfactory quality. 18 months are required from the pollination of flowers, painstakingly done by hand, to the transformation of the beans into infusion by means of supercritical fluid extraction. This specific method produces for Lancôme a delicious vanilla note tinged with balsamic and warm, deep and mysterious facets essential to the Idôle Eau de Parfum Nectar fragrance.

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