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Sisley announces the launch of the Ecological Compound advanced formula, same but better

11 Feb 2023

Ecological Compound, an iconic product. You might think the word icon is overused, but in the case of Ecological Compound it is completely justified. Since its creation in 1980, it has held a special place in the hearts of those who’ve tried it. An international success, it became the gold standard as the years passed, enticing generations of users worldwide.

Its original formula strengthens and revitalizes the skin with a unique blend of plant extracts; carefully selected to help the skin perform its vital functions.

At the heart of the Ecological Compound lies a visionary concept: Skin Ecology. its goal? To find the skin,s perfect balance. Since launching Ecological Compound in 1980, Sisley has worked to understand the living ecology of the skin. Today this is called “microbiota science.”

The living barrier located on the skin’s surface - or “microbiota” - is made up of this individual microbial flora. Everyone’s balance of good and bad bacteria is different and this can be destabilised by both internal and external factors.

For the skin to function perfectly and defend itself effectively against external aggressions, the microbiota needs to be in perfect balance. This balance helps to strengthen the skin’s innate immunity and its defences. With everything in perfect sync, the skin can then reap the full benefits of any product applied.

Ecological Compound helps to balance the skin’s ecosystem and reinforces its natural immunity, boosting its vital functions. To focus on optimising healthy skin, Sisley has further increased the performance of Ecological Compound, with a new “advanced” version, harnessing the results of 40 years of scientific discoveries.

The changes in the formula are imperceptible, but in terms of effectiveness they are significant. Day after day, your skin is even stronger and better protected.

You cannot see or feel any difference in the compound, its unique texture and fragrance are here to stay:

Ecological Compound advanced formula is an essential product that works on two levels, it increases the skin’s resilience and its ability to defend itself against external aggressions. The unique, instantly-penetrating texture, loved by so many remains the same. The comforting, delicate finish creates an immediate feeling of wellbeing. This feel and experience are part of its decades-long success.

The addictive fragrance, with its recognisable botanical notes, is identical to the original product. When applied a subtle, enticing aroma is released.

Ecological Compound is the essential product par excellence. A daily must-have. This new advanced version “optimises the skin’s homeostasis” so the skin performs vital functions as it should. The result? Beautiful skin - Your skin is transformed: boosted by the plant complex at the heart of its formula, its ability to protect itself from daily aggressions is improved.

With a fully functioning microbiota, the skin’s natural defences are strengthened and stimulated. Having achieved optimum balance, it works better. It is bursting with energy, stronger, more resilient, and more beautiful. It can then reap the full benefits of any product applied.

Its multiple actions are beneficial to all skin types. It is suitable for men and women of any age or complexion. It works well as part of any skincare routine all year round. We recommend you use Ecological Compound after your cleansing lotion and serum, just before moisturising, or on its own.

Sisley has been focussing on microbiota science since the initial idea for this formula in 1980, and it has been fundamental in understanding how to balance the skin and best serve its needs. Ecological Compound advanced formula benefits from scientific discoveries in this field, considered as one of the most promising by the scientific community. Other discoveries in decades to come will doubtless lead to an even better understanding of the skin’s physiology.

Ecological Compound advanced formula exemplifies Sisley’s mission: to offer the best possible care for all skin types, at any age.

Ecological Compound Advanced formula 125ml AUD$360, 60ml $210; will be available from 12th February 2023 on www.sisleyparis.com.au, David Jones stores nationally and online.

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