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One Eleven introduces Bliss Latté range

07 Feb 2023

One Eleven Bliss Relaxation Blend is a delicious, pure and natural range of Ayurvedic cafe? style powdered drinks. Consciously crafted and caffeine-free, they help to support your overall health and have you feeling more mindful, balanced and relaxed. The range comes in four delicious flavours in multiple size variants:

The Original - A ‘straight up’ sweet herbal blend which can be added to any hot drink, or simply enjoyed with hot water or hot milk any time of day or night. It is sugar free but naturally sweet.  

The NEW Bliss Latté range - Simply add hot water to indulge in the magic of Bliss Latte?, the ultimate healthy and delicious way to relax and unwind whilst supporting your wellbeing, enjoyed any time of day or night. The Latté rang is available in three flavours: Chai Latté, Hot Chocolate and Rose Salted Caramel.

The founders Cassie Cameron and Dylan Smith also suggested 3 different ways of enjoying the Bliss:

To start your day off right - Having Bliss in the morning helps to kick your day off feeling calm and grounded. The potent adaptogenic blend supports stable clean energy levels throughout the day to keep you going for longer and be resilient to the challenges that come your way.

Before meditation - Ancient yogis and sages have been taking these herbs for thousands of years to enliven bliss chemistry and unity in meditation. Enjoy some Bliss within 5 minutes before meditation to experience a deeper more restful meditation.

Before bed - Enjoy Bliss with a herbal non-caffeinated tea, hot water or hot milk before bed to calm the mind and body and prepare for a deeper, more restful sleep.

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