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19 Apr 2021

A pop-up store designed for the launch of Balenciaga’s Neo Classic Used line will open April 9th, 2021 in the Westfield Sydney Shopping Centre. This pop-up introduces an expansion of Neo Classic styles, in celebration of the Balenciaga Classic’s 20th anniversary.

The temporary structure also introduces the brand’s new architectural direction to Australia. Framed with visible steel beams, cinderblock-like shelving and pedestals are seen from all directions, unobscured by walls or fac?ades. The concept places typical elements of construction among symbols of commerce and public space. Neon letters that spell Balenciaga sit uncentered atop the structure, their backwards and forwards orientations exposed.

The Neo Classic Used line presents the iconic bag in softer, pre-worn materials. Its hardware is dulled and its calfskin exterior relaxed, using organic distressing processes. Styles at the Westfield Sydney Balenciaga pop-up include regular, large, and mini-sized bags, card holders, wallets, and mini wallets, in dark colors like black, navy, and burgundy.

The pop-up, which is on the third floor, is below an existing Balenciaga store, which offers ready-to-wear, shoes, and other bags and accessories.

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