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Australia’s premier fine wine destination, Langton’s, launches collectable 2019 Bordeaux vintage

21 Dec 2022

Expanding upon their extensive luxury wine portfolio, the 'ethereal' 2019 vintages of Bordeaux have joined Langton's unrivaled collection of fine wines. ' with a myriad of perfect 100-point scores awarded to both Left and Right Bank stand-outs.

Due to increasingly unpredictable environmental patterns, Bordeaux is ever-rising in value and popularity, making it a prime investment option for collectors and wine connoisseurs. The addition of the 2019 vintage to the Langton's luxury wine portfolio highlights their position as the in home of Bordeaux Australia.

“There has long been talk of a brilliant trilogy of vintages in Bordeaux, from 2018-2020. 2019, the bridge between the hedonism of 2018 and finer-tuned classicism of 2020. In a nutshell, it is a very good year.”- Ned Goodwin, Langton's Master of Wine.

A mild September and the attenuated phenological ripening of the 2019 vintage, has many critics and consumers alike preferring the 2019 vintage over the 2018. 2019 is a vintage of soaring aromatics, creamy textures, pixelated tannins and a considerably lower apH 8 t stage for wines of power, pedigree and longevity. Langton's extensive knowledge and industry insight has allowed them to acquire the finest of the 2019 vintage.

“2019 is a wonderful vintage. It follows the trend of warmer, drier years whilst opulent in elegance and class. While it was a warmer year, the acid levels are higher than the 2018 vintage, giving the 2019 wines a bright sense of freshness. "

- Jesper Kjaersgaard, Langton’s Wine Merchandiser & Wine Connoisseur.

The 2019 Bordeaux vintage is now available to purchase online exclusively at langtons.com.au/bordeaux.

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