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FaceGym, the home of facial fitness is coming to MECCA!

16 Dec 2022

MECCA Brands, Australasia’s leading beauty retailer, is thrilled to announce an exclusive retail partnership with FaceGym in Australia and New Zealand. FaceGym, the home of facial fitness, high performance skincare and tools for a total face workout is a world-first concept. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of beauty, wellness, and fitness and the only gym studio for the face, Face Gym delivers results in real time. The MECCA George Street flagship store in Sydney will be home to the first FaceGym Studio in the Southern Hemisphere and the fifth city worldwide opening in January 2023. In addition, MECCA will be the exclusive retailer of FaceGym’s skincare product and tool range across Australia and New Zealand in stores and online.

FaceGym is powered by high-performance, award-winning skincare, expert tool innovations and one-of-a- kind workout moves to kickstart the skin’s metabolism and provide a unique facial fitness experience for everyone, at every age. Based on the notion of training the 40+ forgotten muscles in the face to deliver both instant and long-term sculpting, lifting, toning, and brightening results, FaceGym is the authority in facial workouts.

Established in 2014, FaceGym has worked out over 200,000 faces around the world and built an incredibly engaged community of followers and celebrity friends. A brand at the top of their game, FaceGym has become synonymous with innovation. From developing cutting-edge skin-transforming devices to launching their first multi-functional, results driven skincare line in 2021. Developed with clinical grade ingredients, powerful antioxidants, and bio-available trigger actives, each ‘personal trainer in a bottle’ bolsters the exceptional results of the workouts and tools, boosts skin metabolism and delivers instant and long-term results.

Founded by female entrepreneur and journalist Inge Theron, the concept of FaceGym was born from Theron’s desire to give women and men the tools to age gracefully and confidently. Having spent several years exploring aesthetics, fitness, and nutrition treatments, putting her skin under intense injectables pressure, one particular face-lifting procedure left Theron housebound. During this time, she realised enough was enough and decided to utilise her in-depth knowledge and expertise to develop a concept which would allow everyone to be the absolute best version of themselves at whatever age they are.

Initially launching with a pop-up in London, it wasn’t long before the ripple of reviews became a huge wave of adoration for this innovative new concept. Receiving critical acclaim from celebrities, media, and consumers, FaceGym hit the ground running and was ready for more. Fast forward eight years and the brand is now an incredibly successful global business, with thirteen studio locations spanning four worldwide cities -London, Manchester, New York, and Los Angeles.

MECCA curates the best in beauty from around the globe and FaceGym joins an unparalleled line up of exclusive brands. The MECCA community will have access to FaceGym’s world-first concept via the MECCA George Street FaceGym Studio, the beating heart of beauty in the Sydney CBD, and the largest and most immersive dedicated beauty store in the Southern Hemisphere. Extending retail engagement beyond products the Studio will offer the same iconic FaceGym workouts, known and loved globally.

This will also be the first time FaceGym skincare and tools is available in the Australasian market, providing customers with the opportunity to physically immerse themselves in the FaceGym universe and try the iconic products before they buy.

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