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Let the countdown begin, Guerlain is launching a new Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Red Orchid collection in January 2023

13 Dec 2022

Drawing inspiration from nature’s exceptional colour palette, Guerlain unveils the Red Orchid collection. This unique palette for the lips, eyes and complexion pays tribute to the orchid’s sensory appeal and vibrant colours.

For almost 20 years, Guerlain has forged a special relationship with the orchid, which embodies eternal beauty and has inspired exceptional skincare formulas. For the Orchidee Imperiale range, the House even entered a unique partnership with The TianZi Reserve, a specialist grower of this fascinating flower to preserve this fragile natural treasure.

For the first time, Guerlain has taken inspiration from the colours of the iconic orchid with a makeup collection for the lips, eyes and complexion: Red Orchid. A fresh and sensual composition, like its petals in bloom.

“I imagined a range of red tones to celebrate the colours of the orchid, this highly symbolic flower beloved by the house of Guerlain.”- Violette, Guerlain Makeup Creative Director.

Red Orchid is, above all, an ode to the colour red, its power and myriad hues. The perfect blend of sensuality and freshness, this new makeup collection boldly presents the all-over red look.

Chosen for their array of natural colours, three varieties of red orchids have inspired a new trio of ROUGE G shades, with three different finishes:

Red Fire Star (Velvet Metal Finish) - With its gold-flecked petals, the Red Fire Star orchid is an incandescent flower, like its orangy shade, and the inspiration for a new, exceptionally vibrant metallic brick red tone.

Red Ballerina (Satin Finish) - Endlessly poetic, the Red Ballerina orchid shines with delicate pinky red hues. Its elegant petals reveal a new berry red tone, with a satin finish evoking the silky skirt of the ballerina, for sensual lips.

Red Vanda (Velvet Matte Finish) - The powdery petals of the Red Vanda orchid have naturally inspired the trio’s star shade. A flamboyant red in a matte velvet texture for voluptuous and graphic lips.

The red orchid is also in the spotlight in the new Rouge G case specially designed for this Red Orchid collection. Printed on a vivid red velvet, graphic veins and flecked effects recall the petals of the Red Vanda orchid.

For this Red Orchid collection, Violette has imagined an exclusive harmony of four eyeshadows, OMBRES G N°770 Red Vanda, which reveals its bold colours through two different finishes: a burgundy red and a soft pink in a satin finish, which play with the light. And a coppery red and a metallic version of the luminous golden eyeshadow to enhance the eyes with intense shades and subtle sparkle.

For the first time, the top of the case features a graphic print of the Red Vanda orchid, evoking the velvety effect of its veined petals.

To complete the Red Orchid look, the iconic Parure Gold Cushion revisits its best-selling Beige 00N shade for a limited time in a golden case celebrating the Red Vanda orchid on top. This limited-edition piece is available in Asia. Infused with 24-carat gold and pearls, this precious formula illuminates the complexion with total radiance.

Guerlain Rouge G Luxurious Velvet Red Orchid collection will be available in January 2023 at selected David Jones and Sephora stores:

Rouge G Velvet Matte Shade N°770 Red Vanda $56

Rouge G Satin Shade N°918 Red Ballerina $56

Rouge G Velvet Metal Shade N°966 Red Fire Star $56

Rouge G The Case Red Vanda $59

Ombres G N°770 Red Vanda $159

Parure Gold Cushion 00N Beige Red Vanda Limited Edition $140

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