Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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10 Dec 2022

“Rebels and nonconformists are often the pioneers and designers of change.” ——Indira Gandhi.

A strong desire to run like a wild horse that comes from dreams and enters violently in the mind desert. The wish to escape breaks out, to live in the pristine plains of the soul in a relaxed way: at ease. He no longer fears change, he wants to get involved and dare. Glam and hard at the same time, the CoSTUME NATIONAL man moves wild with great energy to face his future with shining positivity.

A new cowboy, a modern and urban man, sporty and casual, reinvents his style by minimizing formalities. He has relinquished his fears and uncertainties to walk towards his future with his head up.

The iconic male bottle is varnished with an intense transparent yellow to identify shining positivity: the positive and energy of the new fragrance portrait of CoSTUME NATIONAL. A silver hot print stamping logo enriches the product.

The box, printed with the same color code of the bottle, displays the new iconic horizontal stripe that is coloured in dark grey in order to recall the urban attitude of the character.

The packaging is completely recyclable, which reflects how the brand CoSTUME NATIONAL is constantly engaged in environmental protection.

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