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08 Dec 2022

The Ardbeg Distillery teams up with famous Melbourne BBQ restaurant, Fancy Hank’s, to bring their whisky-obsessed fans an Australian classic with a peaty twist.

Today, Ardbeg will be dishing out a new creation for its Committee Members in Australia – the Peat Mie. The first of its kind, the Peat Mie has been developed in collaboration with Fancy Hank’s, a Melbourne-based BBQ restaurant and owners of the southern hemisphere’s biggest smoker, making them the perfect partner to bring to life Ardbeg’s obsession for smoke.

Ardbeg, the whisky that is worshipped, revered and envied around the world by experts and fans alike, have now added their signature peated whisky to create the ultimate gourmet smoked experience for your taste buds.

Ardbeg’s limited edition pie is made with premium, 15-hour smoked barley-fed brisket, fermented tomatoes, shallots and thyme, encased in a sour cream shortcrust pastry and served with the Fancy Hank’s x Ardbeg tomato sauce. As for the Ardbeg infusion, the whisky used is Ardbeg 8 Years Old For Discussion, which has helped bake in unique notes of charcoal, green peppers and woodsmoke.

Ardbeg expect this wonderfully weird pie to divide opinion. Meat pies are a classic down under, but the Peat Mie will be a whole new experience. The idea came all the way from the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay, where Ardbeg has been producing their peated whisky for over 200 years. During the pandemic, Distillery workers turned their hand to baking pies to rally their local community – it’s this pie-making that sparked the idea for an Ardbeg-infused pie of their own.

Colin Gordon, Distillery Manager, said: “Whisky and pies are hard to beat, but whisky in a pie? That’s in a league of its own! Smoky, crispy and only for the Committee, the Peat Pie adds yet another dimension of flavour for our Ardbeg-loving fans.”

A loyalty club like no other, The Ardbeg Committee has embassies all over the world, including four in Australia, and members have access to all the Committee exclusive

releases by Ardbeg including the Ardbeg 8 Year Old For Discussion which is balanced by ex-Sherry casks to incorporate new dimensions of smoky flavouring.

The only way to get your hands on this exclusive pie is by signing up to the Ardbeg Committee. For more news about the Peat Mie launch, access to VIP events and the chance to buy exclusive whiskies, fans can join the Ardbeg Committee at Ardbeg.com. Membership is free and all Ardbeg fans are welcome.

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