Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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S I R . RESORT ’23, a collection of unexpected harmony

08 Nov 2022

A nostalgic journey to a home where mismatched items sit imperfectly in place, forming a collection of memories with an irreplaceable hold that shaped a way of being. Resort ‘23 draws on incohesion to form a collection of unexpected harmony where detached elements form an unexpected, yet admirable conjecture.

Soft pastels and neutral tones clash with bright hues of modernity. Vintage florals adorne feminine silhouettes, while geometric florals are cast across modern shapes cut in silk in vibrant blue and white. Crochet cover ups take a modern lens to a classic technique, while distinct tailoring is defined with a modern utilitarian feel, softened with delicate lace cut-outs.

Classic silhouettes paired with contemporary ones. Antique floral and polka dot prints sit with modern geometric florals and shapes. Bold colors cohabit with muted, pastel colors. Traditional textures mixed with modern ones. Antique embroidered motifs next to contemporary pleating and lacing techniques. Modern trims cohabit with classic ones.

Signature SIR. Silhouettes are ever present, as knitwear stories take new form with deconstructed features with a twist lending to versatility. Feminine shapes are injected through vintage inspired florals adorned over silhouettes with bodices flattered by technical ruching and voluminous proportions – a nod to the ever present, early SIR. woman. 

Complemented with SIR. swim in a new season palette and updated silhouettes, featuring carefully placed cut outs and flattering ruching, designed to be paired back with ready-to-wear to further realise the feeling of escape we’ve been dreaming of.

Grounded in aspiration, while remaining nostalgic to the moments that brought us here. A reflection of what once was, continues to inspire and breathe life into the now.

Where old meets new, and it feels like home.

Available on www.sirthelabel.com.

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