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Finally, the breath of fresh air we have all been waiting for! Introducing the very first all-natural fragrance of Bond No.9

30 Oct 2022

Clean beauty isn’t just an ask, it’s a demand. Now, here is a graceful eco-chic scent alternative.

It’s easy being green when you have all the right ingredients. Eco-chic has never been more luxurious.

Sustainably harvested notes that smell just as sweet? Meet Bond No.9’s latest clean creation.

The notion of peace and New York City may seem like an oxymoron, but those who truly know this town understand that opportunities to experience serenity abound. From the library’s famous Rose Reading Room to the historic stone walls of The Cloisters, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the myriad quietly hidden streets that sprinkle downtown, there are plenty of slices of the Concrete Jungle that inspire a sense of calm amongst the normally busy tempo.

That was part of the idea when Bond No.9 created its original The Scent of Peace back in 2006. It was one of its earliest fragrances and remains a bestseller in each and every market. As time has passed, the concept of peace has also become synonymous with environmental preservation (consider the ever-evolving High Line, which has transformed a remnant of the Industrial Revolution into a harmonious public park that pays homage to nature). The Scent of Peace Natural represents a likeminded generational shift: In 2022, “the consumer doesn’t just want a natural fragrance, they demand it,” according to Bond No. 9 founder Laurice Rahmé.

“Creating a natural fragrance can be a huge challenge,” she continues. “We had this ambition for a long time, but the key was to find a perfumer who was experienced enough and who would actually be willing to work with these natural notes. Perfumers don’t like to be constrained or limited—this more nontraditional method demands very talented noses—so we were confident that Michel Almairac and co-creator Romain Almairac would be up to the task.”

Indeed, by working with the natural raw materials available to them in Grasse, France in accordance with fragrance house Robertet’s commitment to sustainable sourcing, The Scent of Peace Natural emerges as a true unicorn in the growing naturals category. Much like a hard-earned sense of tranquility, it is a light and fresh everyday fragrance that is also made to last, which is a true hallmark of luxury.

The Scent of Peace Natural’s master perfumer Michel Almairac and co-creator, Romain Almairac, used natural and vegan essential oils made from raw materials to compose a sophisticated, effervescent fragrance crafted to linger on the skin.

 “This perfume opens with fresh, sparkling, and fruity notes of lemon, petitgrain, and blackcurrant. In the heart, rose and raspberry bring modernity and charisma while the musky woody notes of cedarwood, ambroxan, and musk sign this perfume of character,” Michel Almairac explains. “Romain and I created this perfume by meticulously choosing each ingredient that composes it. The challenge was to make them harmonize while beautifying them and bringing a natural elegance.”

Even the alcohol used is composed of water and natural ingredients.

Encased in the classic Silhouette Bottle, The Scent of Peace Natural features a soothing shade of mint green with a graceful dove illustration and metallic silver accents reminiscent of clouds. Plus, Bond No. 9’s iconic Silhouette Bottle is 100% recyclable and uses 50% recycled cullet during the manufacturing process.

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