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05 Oct 2022

Master of craft and sophistication, Piaget unveils its new brand campaign with a celebratory evening with the Piaget Society, overlooking the iconic Barangaroo waterfront on the veranda of Smoke Bar.

Bringing back the Maison’s iconic relevance and recreating our myth for today, the new brand campaign, developed under the creative direction of Fatti Laleh, International Director of Image and Communication, is an invitation to members of the Piaget society to experience the philosophy of the brand – To live an inspiring life and to remind newcomers of the rich and flamboyant ingenuity that the brand portrays.

The collective gathering of the Piaget Society can be traced back to the Maison’s early beginnings in the 70s. The brand has always been attuned to hosting extravagant soirees, rounding up some of the most desirable individuals in society - just like it had done in this event.

The Piaget Society welcomes the audacious, elegantly exuberant, vibrant, smart and witty. Amidst the lavish list of invitees, Piaget is honoured to host over 100 Society members, and Cultural Opinion Leaders, including acclaimed actress Madison Brown, actor Cameron Robbie, international model Victoria Lee, together with our beloved press, all of whom, Friends of the Maison, the brand strives to connect cultural opinion leaders, pioneers, and modern beauties - those who dare to be rare.

In the wake of Piaget’s 150th anniversary, the deployment of a new visual identity that tells stories about style and products as well as heritage, allows Piaget to reach out to new audiences wherever they might be. A guarantee that the ever-growing Piaget Society will remain an inspiration for the culture and those who make and enjoy it.

The evening consisted of a joyful trunk show, with models adorned in Piaget’s iconic Possession jewellery pieces tastefully combined with chic and bold Piaget Polo Watches.

The Possession collection revolves around a turning movement and a shape. Unique and playful, Possession is an invitation to own the movement. More than a collection, Possession is an invitation to freely express our personalities. Both simple and sophisticated, it invites creativity and stands as a rallying sign for a community eager to experience, explore and have fun while being given a chance to tell its own story with style.

The Piaget Polo was crafted for the curious by the curious. Made for the detail driven by time engineers. For the savvy collector from the world’s watchmaking experts, Piaget Polo was made for you, for us. An icon of the past for today’s go-getters. A symbol of joy and extravagance. Built for everyday elegance, a new territory of expression for trendsetters who love design, elegance, and want to share their shade of bold.

Piaget epitomizes daring creativity – a quality that has continued to permeate through the Maison since its beginnings in 1874. From his first workshop in La Co?te-aux-Fe?es, Georges-Edouard Piaget devoted himself to crafting high-precision movements in a feat that formed the very foundations of our pioneering name. In the late 1950s, Piaget unveiled the ultra-thin movements that would later become the Maison’s trademark and the cornerstone of the Altiplano collection. As a true innovator of the watch and jewellery world, Piaget strongly believed in creativity and artistic values. It is within the walls of our “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire” where master artisans continue to harness rare skills that have been preserved and perfected from generation to generation, transforming gold, stones and precious gems into dazzling works of art. Through its pursuit of masterful craftsmanship, the Maison has created emblems of daring excellence channeled into its collections including Altiplano, Piaget Polo, Limelight Gala, Possession, Piaget Sunlight, Piaget Rose and Extremely Piaget.

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