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Sisley Is Unveiling Supremÿa At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion

12 Sep 2022

At night, while we are asleep and shielded from external aggressions, the skin regenerates and the natural repair processes are activated. The night offers a precious window to repair the damage caused during the day.

In 2009, Sisley’s laboratories created Supremÿa, a supreme anti-aging night-time skincare product that introduced groundbreaking innovations in chronobiology and skin physiology. This initial product laid the foundations for an exceptional range dedicated to the skin’s night-time regeneration.

In order to maximise the anti-aging properties of the Supremÿa range, a key first step must be taken: activation.

In 2022, Sisley is unveiling Supremÿa At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion, the first step of the ritual that kick-starts night-time regeneration and supports the anti-aging effectiveness of the Supremÿa skincare that follows.

The principle: provide the skin with key skincare ingredients to prepare it on the surface and awaken intercellular communication deep down. By truly “preparing” the skin, the lotion promotes a state of optimal receptiveness to the key ingredients in the night-time routine and completes the Supremÿa anti-aging ritual. Sheltered from environmental damage, the routine activates the regeneration and repair mechanisms. The skin appears radiant and youthful.

As a prelude to the night, Supremÿa At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion moisturizes, stimulates and activates - provides a three-step “switch-off/switch-on” action awakens the power of the night and launches the skin’s regeneration mechanisms.

The night is a time for relaxation, sleep and darkness and therefore calls for a sensory experience. The rich and milky texture of the Supremÿa lotion immerses the epidermis in a moment of ultimate well-being.

A fresh and lightweight veil upon application, it transforms into a nourishing and enveloping texture when massaged into the skin. Silky, soft and comfortable, it leaves an undetectable velvety and non-greasy finish on the skin.

The lotion’s fragrance, the same found throughout the Supremÿa range, completes this night-time ritual.

Naturally scented by its key ingredients, the lotion combines precious Damask Rose essential oil with Magnolia and Geranium essential oils, which have calming, soothing and purifying properties.

The Supremÿa lotion should be applied to the entire face and neck every evening after removing make-up. Gently massage it in until fully absorbed.

The skin’s receptiveness is maximised and it is ready to receive the other skincare products in the collection for a complete night-time anti-aging ritual: Supremÿa Eyes Serum, Supremÿa Skin Care and Supremÿa Baume.

Supremÿa At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care Lotion RRP $340 AUD, will be available from 18 September on www.sisley.com.au, David Jones stores nationally and online.

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