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Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly, nature in full flight

06 Sep 2022

Captivated by the metamorphoses of flora and fauna, Van Cleef & Arpels celebrates the arrival of spring each year with creations imbued with an airy grace. True icons of the Maison, the winged creatures of the Two Butterfly collection take flight in a myriad of colors, to the rhythm of nature’s awakening.

For the first time, the butterflies are adorned with the intense blue of turquoise, combined with the warmth of yellow gold and sparkling diamonds to create bold contrasts. A pendant, a Between the Finger ring, and earrings create light-hearted springtime pairings.

These delicate creatures flutter from the hand to the hollow of the neck, or the face, thanks to designs inspired by the vitality of nature.

The Between the Finger ring and the earrings feature an asymmetrical look that is characteristic of Van Cleef & Arpels’ style, infusing the pieces with energy and vivacity. With its iconic open band, the ring brings together two butterflies in a gentle tête-à-tête. As for the earrings, they play with bold contrasts: each side of the face is illuminated by either shimmering diamonds or the brilliant color of turquoise.

On the pendant, a butterfly seems to be taking flight in pursuit of a sparkling diamond. The creature’s tilted position gives the piece a sense of movement, enhanced by the motif’s subtle raised design.

Characterized by its intense azure hues, turquoise was first prized by the Egyptian pharaohs and the Aztecs: it was set in jewelry and religious objects, and even ground into powder to be used as makeup. Today, Van Cleef & Arpels is celebrating this stone which has spanned human history.

The Maison has carefully selected the turquoise elements of the Two Butterfly collection for their harmonious, uniform blue. Matched in color so they pair perfectly together, the motifs that make up each butterfly are united in a luminous quartet. The stone is showcased by a yellow gold structure, and its shine enhanced by the bright sparkle of diamonds.

The latter are selected with the greatest care: for its Jewelry, High Jewelry, and Watchmaking collections, Van Cleef & Arpels chooses stones rated from D to F for color and IF to VVS2 for clarity. Dazzling gems of the finest quality endow the creations with an exceptional brilliance.

Thanks to this blend of radiant materials, glimpses of a blue spring sky seem to be revealed by the fluttering of the butterflies’ wings.

The Two Butterfly collection reflects the Maison’s meticulous expertise, from the selection of the stones to the final polishing.

The openwork backs of the pieces have been carefully wrought to allow light to pass through the diamonds and reveal their true radiance. Three setting techniques were used, depending on the creations: the bead setting, found on the pavé motifs is used alongside the prong setting, which holds the butterfly’s body, represented by a marquise-cut diamond. Finally, a round diamond in a closed setting on the pendant gives the piece a hint of sparkle.

The same care has been taken to highlight the turquoise: its intense color and lustrous surface is revealed after many stages of cutting and polishing. Perfectly fitted and reproducing the curvature of real butterfly wings, it seems to melt into the structure in harmony with the sunny glow of the yellow gold.

Butterflies have fueled Van Cleef & Arpels’ imagination since its foundation, carrying the message of a benevolent nature from flower to flower. Whether figurative or stylized, they have appeared throughout the years in wood, lacquer, enamel, mother-of-pearl, precious and ornamental stones, and have even graced highly elaborate watch dials.

Since 2001, the Maison has paid tribute to their delicate flight and infinite variety of colors with the Two Butterfly collection.

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