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Claus Porto is proudly introducing its first fragrance collection: Agua de Colonia

03 Sep 2022

The roots of Claus Porto stretch back to 1887 when two German business men arrived in a beautiful and historic Portuguese city. The fusion of these two European identities led to the creation of our renowned house of perfume and beauty.

Hand-crafted in Portugal for over a century, Claus Porto products are switched in vintage packaging inspired by the brand’s portfolio of richly colored labels and iconic patterned designs.

For over four generations, Claus Porto has always remained authentic, creating products that have been inspired by the scents and landscapes of its country and the olfactory memories Claus Porto holds dear.

Hosting inspiring projects combining art with craft, Claus Porto promises to continue to evolve, exploring new markets and enriching its legacy as an ambassador for Portuguese culture and traditions.

Agua de Colonia collection is the story of a journey: a journey through the scented landscapes of Portugal. Scented by forests of pine trees touched by the sea breeze, orange and lemon notes, granite cities, tropical gardens and herb fields burned by the sun. The range explores the 130 year tradition of Claus Porto, celebrating its perfumery origins. The Auga de Colonia Collection is the masterful creation of Master Perfumer Lyn Harris, inspired by her travels through Portugal. The six unisex fragrances give a contemporary spin to some of Claus Porto’s signature ingredients.

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