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Paco Rabanne INVICTUS PLATINUM, a perfect Father's Day gift

01 Sep 2022

Rebooted and reprogrammed from the original release of Invictus back in 2013, Invictus Platinum has been radically rewritten for the next decade and beyond.

Time has flown by and has changed us. Paving the way, Paco Rabanne turns to the legendary Invictus scent, continuing to evolve, grow, and learn; questioning what Invictus stands for in the midst of a social and generational revolution. It has been reimagined for a new generation - reworked for right now. A continual theme remains - sports, which will forever embody Invictus. Audacity, confidence, attitude; values that moved Paco Rabanne then, and that sportsmen look to today.

The scent continues to embody all Paco Rabanne stands for whilst meshing with today’s desire: to be contemporary, inclusive, and even closer to people’s hearts. It represents the most renegade spirits and thus express all of Rabanne’s most colourful facets. Boundaries are pushed and statements are made.

“By pushing the experiences to the limits, we can change mindsets.” - Paco Rabanne

Along with the relaunch, Paco Rabanne introduces a new icon, NBA’s Jalen Green. The fresh face of one of the world’s most recognizable fragrances, with an authentic story to tell. At age 20, a rising talent, highly precocious. Jalen is an up-and-coming star, a professional basketball player who hails from California, newly famed for his hard-working, driven, dedicated attitude. It is what makes him famous on and off the court. And it is also why Paco Rabanne was set on making him the new face for Invictus. The timing was perfect, given that Jalen has been recently drafted by the Houston Rockets as the “2nd” overall pick in the 2021

NBA draft. A victory.

Inspired by sports legends who never give up, Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum, crafted by Domitille Michalon-Bertier, is the striking new Eau de Parfum – exclusively for those who always meet the challenge. 

With everyday winners firmly in mind (and heart), perfumer Domitille has crafted a scent reminiscent of unwavering grit, of energy made liquid. A fragrance that undoubtedly stimulates the senses and pushes you to your limits. Designed as a greatness-booster, this invigorating elixir explodes with elegant lavender, the flowers representing purity, grace and devotion.

Lavender’s impressive purple shade is also associated with the crown chakra, the energy centre for higher purpose – for greatness. The scent is laced with an intense minty freshness, which symbolises virtue in the language of flowers. Vibrating on a high note, juicy, invigorating grapefruit stirred with absinth leads the way to the rich, masculine tones of patchouli, which grounds and balances, alongside cypress. A woody finish is the perfect ending to this complex cocktail of power and confidence. For the new Invictus man. 

There’s a radical quality to the aromatic, earthy and addictive juice. With a nod to the original Invictus (all hail the King), the new Platinum variation balances dense minerality and smokiness, bringing a more contemporary, empowered signature to the fragrance line. Naturally, the scent is vegan and it has been composed with ingredients of 90% natural origin, drawing from the Earth that shapes us.

Invictus Platinum EDP 50ML $113, 100ML $153, now available at Myer and David Jones.

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