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So very handsome! Any of us would die for a dance with Le Beau

15 Aug 2022

A new eau de parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Beau Le Parfum is a devilish reinterpretation brimming with beauty and manly mischief! The sexy seducer, Le Beau Le Parfum, enters the fray. But this time, he offers an even more intense version. Wait, what did he just do? Who does he think he is? May the battle begin!

Iconic figure of Le Male Le Parfum by Gaultier, Mitchell Slaggert swaggers before the mirror in defiance of his own doppelgänger. Damn, that's one charming Beau!

Full of carnal contrasts, we start off with light-hearted ginger heightened by sweet, intense Tonka bean. Next, a dash of iris is added to beguile hearts, entangled in the hyper-sensuality of this ambery, fresh, woody scent. So very addictive!

A gradient of deep blue, a jaunty fig leaf... Just like Adam of Eden, Le Beau Le Parfum plays cheekily with modesty. But the question on all our lips is who shall remove his golden fig leaf?

With a stroke—ahem—of luck, this perfectly chiselled bust is sure to bring olfactory bliss to our wandering hands.

The unmistakable Gaultier tin can has found its nude emblem in mint green, set ablaze by a golden fig leaf. The gentleman has found a place to plant his... feet. I say! Cover up that little Beau!

Quentin Bisch offers a more intense interpretation of Le Beau, the eau de toilette created in collaboration with Sonia Constant. The result? Le Beau Le Parfum charms us with his ambiguity, weaving a swelteringly sensual spell.

Le Beau Le Parfum EDP Intense 75ml RRP $125?125ml RRP $167, available at David Jones and Myer.

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