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Swish, spit and smile your way to elevated mouth health & fresher breath naturally with Keeko Morning Mint Oil Pulling Mouthwash Sachets

08 Aug 2022

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil in the mouth to clean and detoxify teeth and gums, while upping your digestive game from your teeth down to your tummy.

Used just like a mouth rinse, Keeko oil pulling sachets are bursting with coco-nutty goodness topped off with minty-fresh flavour for a subtle zing.

Keeko's unique formula combines the antioxidant power of certified organic cold- pressed coconut, lemon, chamomile, myrrh, peppermint and spearmint oils to cleanse away harmful bacteria, whilst soothing sore gums and detoxifying your mouth & teeth.

Keeko's sachets are perfectly portioned, quick to liquify and easy to swirl in your mouth and assist to remove harmful bacteria from mouth & body, banishes plaque, soothes inflamed gums, reduces cavities, balances the oral microbiome, improves gut health & skin health and helps fight bad breath

Keeko Morning Mint Oil Pulling Mouthwash Sachets contains no fluoride, parabens, phalates, triclosan, SLS, peroxides, artificial color, sweeteners or animal derived ingredients.

Morning Mint Oil Pulling Mouthwash Sachets x14, 10ml sachets $38.95.

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