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Acne Studios Melbourne Little Bourke Store Reopens, Revealing Expansive Transformation

07 Aug 2022

Set in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Acne Studios Little Bourke Street store has reopened to the public after extensive renovations. Now spanning over 215sq meters, doubling the size of the previous store. The new retail space utilises minimalist design cues with pops of unexpected colour, resulting in a considered and modern space that is an extension of the Acne Studios brand DNA and Swedish heritage.

The expansion follows the brand’s global retail design ethos to ensure each store reflects its surroundings yet is translated using the Acne Studios design language, creating a beautifully crafted space that showcases Melbourne culture through the Acne Studios design lens.

The space instills a sense of modernity and serenity, with the walls and ceiling being made of white high-gloss stucco lustro which gently contrasts against the light grey marble floor with a textural sand-blasted finish.

The muted colour palette of the interior contrasts with the furniture’s expressive and impactful role. Designed by Max Lamb, the dyed blue canvas furniture with a batik pattern sits boldly within the store landscape, illuminated with lighting design by Benoit Lalloz.

The most striking addition to the Little Bourke Street store is the mirrored cube which houses the service counter. This monolithic structure reflects the store’s sleek design and multiplies Lalloz’s light installations through the space, juxtaposing the structure’s hard lines with the soft and organic shapes crafted by Lamb. “My job is to allow customers to have the best possible visual experience, in order to read and discover the works” Beniot Lalloz.

Strategically distanced from the main open space of the store is an additional room with a lounge and fitting rooms, providing an intimate atmosphere for client comfort and privacy. Subtle materials are used within the smaller space in contrast to Lamb’s statement pieces.

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