Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Nailing it, Winter Nail Trends with Fedua

01 Aug 2022

Founded from Luca Gonzini’s love for high quality inimitable products and inspired by his family-run paint factory, the essence of Fedua is an irresistible and colourful concept of beauty.

Impeccable design and brilliant color rendering thanks to a patented formulation that, exposed to sunlight, cures and crystals the film on the nail creating a glossy lens effect. The manicure lasts longer and resists better chipping. 

The young, innovative and dynamic brand offers a range of non-toxic nail care products including polish and hand treatments designed to satisfy the desires women with all different tastes with a vast range of colours and shades. The polish bottles are even packaged in beautiful paint tins to reflect the brands history!

Fedua Gel Effect is available on www.fedua.com/en.

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