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Introducing Probiotics to Skin and body with these Meluka Australia Hero products

28 Jul 2022

This season, Meluka Australia released its first product in the skincare space and was created based on the fact that your skin’s surface is a microbiome in itself, and home to a complex ecosystem with billions of bacteria. 100% natural, Meluka Australia’s new Flora+ Skin Probiotics is a topical spray formulated with 9 probiotic strains, well known for their skin health benefits. Suitable for most skin types, this mild and gentle formula also features Australian tea tree, traditionally known for its natural antibacterial and wound healing properties.

Renew, soothe, protect and nourish the skin and keep it feeling healthy thanks to Flora+ Skin Probiotics. Formulated with a specialised blend of probiotic strains that are known to help care and protect the skin against daily stressors. This multi-care nourishing skin spray is available now at an RRP of $48 at melukaaustralia.com.au and is suitable for the whole family.

Sustainably harvested in the pristine rainforest wetlands of Bungawalbin Valley in Northern NSW, Meluka Australia’s bees forage on some of the cleanest bush in organic farmland. Their innovative bio fermentation process, Meluka Pro-Culture Honey®, goes through a five-step process to create superior, yet tasty probiotic formulations that support gut health and in turn help to boost immunity.

Meluka Australia Organic Apple Cider Vinegar infused Raw Honey: RRP $24.95 (275ml) is a delightfully delicious new way to enjoy apple cider vinegar everyday with the delicate floral taste of honey and a zesty apple note. It combines all the natural enzymes, acids and gut-friendly bacteria found in organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and the delicious prebiotic and antioxidant goodness of organic, native wildflower raw honey.

Meluka Australia Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate in Original: RRP $34.95 (500ml): This drink is created with Meluka Australia's innovative bio-fermentation process, Meluka Pro-Culture Honey®, combining the benefits of raw honey with probiotics. 100% natural, their bioactive probiotic concentrate helps support gut health and immune system, with six carefully selected multi-strain probiotics to help improve your digestive health and six billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per 15ml serve.  

Rapidly boost gut health and wellbeing with P3 Gut Builder. Meluka Australia introduced a powerful triple-action Postbiotic Tonic which is teeming with beneficial metabolites, ready for instant delivery straight to your gut for digestive health and overall wellness. The creators of Australia’s first postbiotic tonic, also partnered with dietitian Chloe McLeod to release a 7- day gut health challenge in support of their new P3 Gut Builder Postbiotic Tonic. The easy guide has been designed to get Aussies gut health back on track and provides simple and realistic building blocks to help create gut-healthy habits for life. You can also visit melukaaustralia.com.au to get a free sample in a trial-size 100ml bottle and register for the challenge with code P3TRIAL.

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