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Sisley Le Phyto Rouge, Reveal The Power Within Confidence Wears Red Lips

28 Jul 2022

Everybody is wearing it, everywhere on social media.

Lipstick has become the number-one way for women of any age to boost their natural beauty. Whatever the colour, it sets the tone, adds personality, injects feel-good vibes and provides the finishing touch to any look.

As a symbol of confident femininity, lipstick can amplify self-esteem in an instant.

Find beauty, feel powerful, free and liberated from dictates. Take new risks and break with convention... And dare to wear Sisley’s new Le Phyto Rouge:

A vibrant sensory caring lipstick that dazzles and unsettles to add the extra touch of femininity and self-confidence essential to seduction. femininity and self-confidence essential to seduction.

20 dynamic and colourful shades.

A long-lasting moisturising formula with a texture that provides constant comfort...

Sisley Le Phyto Rouge RRP $70 sisley-paris.com.au

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