Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Celebrating the natural wonders of the world and all who roam it, Introducing APEX FROM ROJA PARFUMS

24 Jul 2022

“With Apex, we are looking at things inherent in us. Animal instincts we did not know were there. I have always said that we must not forget that we are animals. We’ve been using scent for millions of years to catch food, escape danger, and to find a mate – it is these primal instincts that inspired me to create Apex.

Harnessing the infinite power of nature, Apex connects us to Earth and its spiritual energies, unleashing instincts and abilities that lay dormant within each of us. Grounded in inspiration from the world’s Apex animals, this creation was designed to unearth your connection to nature’s most powerful creatures, pushing you to challenge your limits and open your eyes to new opportunities.

Only when we embrace our connection to nature and our innermost instincts can we reach the Apex of our potential, becoming the best version of ourselves.”- Roja Dove.

APEX is fresh, fruity Chypre? accord with spiritual and sensual undertones.

A zesty Citrus blast opens the APEX experience with a breath of fresh air as the sunny sensation of Mandarin and juicy Pineapple lead the pack, encouraging a positive state of mind and inspiring us to achieve our goals.

Grounding our energy to the earth, a natural Chypre? base surrounds Patchouli and Fir Balsam with the green tones of Galbanum, Cypress and Oakmoss to create a truly outdoors environment, as the sacred materials of Sandalwood and Frankincense pay homage to the ancient ingredients the earth has given us.

Connecting us to our primal energies, the animalic effects of Leather, Ambergris and Musk lay in the shadows, bringing their sensual impulse to this highly-addictive scent.

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