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Reduce, Improve, Refine... The Daily Edited’s Crescent collection from New Creative Director, Naomi Mae Wilson

20 Jul 2022

The Daily Edited is excited to introduce their latest collection, Crescent, designed by the brand’s new Creative Director, Naomi Mae Wilson.

Drawing inspiration from art, nature, and the built environment around us, TDE endeavours to create accessories to love and share your days with. For this collection, Naomi was inspired by Sculptor Jeff Metz. “Through the language of abstraction Metz hand carves his sculptures from a single block of stone. The beautiful shapes he creates inspired the silhouettes of our bags this season”, Naomi says.

The collection embodies Naomi’s sophisticated approach to colour, print and selection of materials, a vision she honed in her previous role as the Head of Design at Oroton. As the new Creative Director and technical designer for TDE, she’s learnt how to take a new view on objects and spaces to transform emptiness and give richness to daily objects. The new brand direction embodies a careful blend of elegance, measure, and softness is how to achieve modern luxury.

As TDE commences their brand transformation, the Crescent collection highlights that the ultimate in chic is never to overdo it, but instead to reduce, improve and refine.

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