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SUSANNE KAUFMANN leads a new generation of luxury skincare with sustainability at the centre

16 Jul 2022

Sustainability has been at the heart of SUSANNE KAUFMANN since launching in 2003. Their commitment to being an environmentally responsible brand influences everything from manufacturing processes to ingredient sourcing and the packaging chosen. Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm to the planet, it’s about doing more good; an ongoing commitment to preserve the planet for future generations. SUSANNE KAUFMANN strives to ensure best practice when it comes to sustainability, constantly evolving in line with new developments which are researched by a dedicated team every day.

 “Our definition of luxury means to enjoy our products today without compromising our future. It is forward-thinking, inclusive and responsible. As a brand, we have to be responsible for our impact. Luxury does not need to be about excess. It is about the integrity and quality of the products whilst ensuring they respect the environment. We need to return to the essentials.” Founder, Susanne Kaufmann 

Susanne’s philosophy guides the brand’s approach to natural, sustainable beauty. She built the brand on these sustainable principles almost two decades ago, and this commitment to the planet remains the backbone of the SUSANNE KAUFMANN brand to this day. These core values will always influence the way in which the brand operates and will continue to be a vital criteria when developing future products. 

This definition of luxury has strongly influenced the design and manufacture of packaging and SUSANNE KAUFMANN remains dedicated to using production and manufacturing processes that leave a lighter footprint on the earth. 

When it comes to full circle sustainability, SUSANNE KAUFMANN looks for the best of the best, ensuring that their environmentally responsible philosophy surpasses simply the materials used, to encompass manufacturing processes, how energy is used and the impact this has on the planet. From partnerships with pioneering natural producers and the solar powered production house, which runs on solar, thermal and green electricity sources, to the new refill packaging, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 55%, this truly is full circle sustainability. 

Over the last two years, Susanne and her team have continued to build on the brand’s founding values, researching the latest developments in responsible packaging solutions and efficacious Alpine ingredients, with a laser focus on minimising the carbon footprint of the brand and respecting the planet.

The result? New intelligent ingredient complexes sourced from nearby regions in Austria and Switzerland that deliver the same highly effective results. These small but hugely significant updates to the formulas have resulted in closing the distance between the ingredient source and production facility, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

The brand’s packaging has also undergone a sustainable refresh and now features contemporary designs made from thoughtful materials. The need for virgin glass and plastic labels has been eliminated, instead printing directly onto recycled jars and bottles with sustainable inks, which ensures this packaging can be recycled again and again after it has been used. 

Secondary packaging is now made from recycled cardboard which is 100% recyclable. In addition, all packaging is now simpler, reducing it to the max to be as sustainable as possible, while protecting the glass containers inside. Unnecessary plastics have also been eliminated - caps, lids and boxes are not larger than necessary and there is no added weight to any packaging item.

In keeping with the updates to formulas and packaging, SUSANNE KAUFMANN have also refreshed the names of some of their iconic products and collections. The renamed ranges focus on the unique benefits of each product or collection. For example, Day Cream Line T, the brand’s dry skin saviour becomes Nourishing Day Cream, while the age preventative benefits of Day Cream Line A is reimagined as Rejuvenating Day Cream. These changes will make it much easier for customers to navigate the different ranges and find the skin solutions best suited to their needs.

 “We are incredibly proud of the sustainable updates the team has made to our brand and we are excited to share these with our customers. Our commitment to sustainability and responsibility is in our DNA, we constantly seek to evolve and that was the driving force of these updates. For a short while, our customers may see a mix of our existing and new packaging in store. We have consciously taken this approach to prevent the unnecessary waste that a hard swap would create. I am pleased that our retail partners have also embraced this approach. Our much-loved skin and body product remain just as our customers remember them.” - CEO, Jessica U Clark.

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