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Niche French fragrance house Maison Crivelli introduces Patchouli Magnetik

12 Jul 2022

Tropical escape.

Interlaced gardenias, wild frangipanis.

White peach, dark clouds, milky sandalwood.

A thunderclap.

Benzoin droplets, electric patchouli.

A night of lightening… … 

Meet the second perfume extract from the Maison Crivelli, Patchouli Magnetik has been developed in collaboration with the perfumer Quentin Bisch. The raw material of the perfume undergoes a sensory ‘ultramorphosis’ and expresses itself in a completely new light.

For this new creation, Thibaud Crivelli has chosen to work with one of the most essential raw materials of perfume; patchouli.

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