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French Flower by Matiere Premiere, a bouquet of Grasse Tuberoses just for you

29 Jun 2022

“There is this tale in Provence, where I was born, that young people who were not married yet were forbidden to walk  tuberose fields at night, because the smell is so sensual and intoxicating. I wanted to recreate that smell.” - Aurélien Guichard, Founder & Creative Perfumer at Matiere Premiere.

Did you know, Matiere Premiere produces its own tuberoses in organic farming in the grasse region?

Inspired by the intoxicating smell of a tuberose field at night, Matiere Premiere combines two different extractions of tuberose: an absolute and an enfleurage to express the richness, the power and opulence of tuberose. “Enfleurage is a traditional and organic technique of extraction that captures the scent of the flowers in a vegetal wax. It highlights the warm, sensual aspect of tuberose, close to the smell of skin.”

Introducing French Flower by Matiere Premiere, a bouquet of Tuberoses with Absolute and Enfleurage of Tuberose petals, with added Ginger Oil Nigeria amplifies the whiteness of the flower. Green Tea Leaf Oil China and a Green Pear accord underline the vegetal character of this stemmed flower.

Matiere Premiere French Flower; 100ml RRP $349 & 60ml RRP $55 are available at libertineparfumerie.com.au.

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