Icy Ling, CEO and Co-Founder of IC & Co

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Knitwear that transcends fashion, introducing the latest offering from SENER BESIM

21 Jun 2022

Curated within two drops, specially designed to transition with the wearer throughout the year. The signature blend of contemporary and minimalist design, now synonymous with the SENER BESIM brand, is present in every piece; from the twisted singlets, flared sleeves, and cropped cardigans of Drop 01, to the backless sweaters and oversized hoodies of Drop 02.

Drop 01 is created exclusively from a mix of Italian Viscose and Nylon resulting in a sheer, lightweight blend, with a subtle stretch - ideal for layering. The pieces span a range of essential, trans-seasonal styles, available in both black and ecru and specially designed to function as the foundation pieces of any wardrobe.

Drop 02 moves with us to the colder seasons. Created from a luxurious Italian wool, cashmere, and nylon blend, styles range from oversized to cropped, and from crew necks to collars - each an obligatory piece of cold-weather dressing. Available only in black, these heavier pieces can be worn as is, or layered with the fine knits of Drop 01.

Continuing on our journey to find the balance between luxury and mindfulness, this natural evolution into ready-to-wear is an exciting and long-awaited step for SENER BESIM. We invite you to build your wardrobe with the confidence, style, and longevity so often hard to find in today’s fast-paced fashion cycle.

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