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Introducing Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Program, now available in Australia

18 Jun 2022

In 2012, after many years of research, Biologique Recherche has started a breakthrough program in the world of cosmetic care: The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Program.

As the pioneer in personalized cosmetics, Biologique Recherche drew its expertise acquired since 1975 in personalized skin care using an individualized approach to bespoke treatments.

Haute Couture was developed to ensure individual Skin Instants© had the perfect products and unique treatments created just for you.

Just as a fashion house prepares a new collection, Biologique Recherche skin experts develop customized products at its exclusive laboratory. These unique and highly concentrated formulas combine the brand’s clinical approach to cosmetic treatments with personalized support for extraordinary results. Each product is unique!

The Haute Couture Program is founded on an exceptional approach to skincare, leaving behind traditional methods and adopting Skin Instants instead. Therefore, the treatments and products we recommend are adapted to suit your skin’s needs at each appointment and with each new collection.

The profound difference in the Biologique Recherche approach lies in its “custom” view of the skin, which is not treated in a static way but in terms of “Skin Instants". The artificial classification of skin as normal, dry or oily has little physiological basis and can only give a static image of the cosmetological imbalances of the skin. Many external factors such as climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors like stress, sex hormones, lifestyle and age, have an impact on the skin.

The Biologique Recherche methodology addresses the skin considering each of these factors and their consequences on the skin.

With a library of over 70 targeted active ingredients the Haute Couture Program follows the Skin Instant dynamics to achieve the right response to specific problems for all Skin Instants©, in line with the climate, diurnal cycles and changes

over time.

During the first consultation, the Biologique Recherche Doctor and Haute Couture expert carry out a precise dermo-cosmetic diagnosis to identify the specific Skin Instant© unbalances. This evaluation includes a visual analysis, photographs, a dermo-cosmetic questionnaire, and a very extensive and precise measurements using state of art medical equipment. These highly precise measurements will determine the skin’s hydration and sebum ratios, transepidermal water loss, elasticity, firmness and melanin ratio as well as the depth of wrinkles. Based on this scientific evaluation and a thorough analysis of all the data acquired, the Doctor will provide a first recommendation which will be the foundation for the next 6 months program.

At Month 1, the Preparation phase - Before receiving your custom treatment in the best conditions and while your skin diagnosis is being analyzed in Paris, you will use Biologique Recherche products to prepare and rebalance your skin.

Month 2, the Induction phase - Your personalised care program is finally revealed, you receive your first Homecare Set. It includes creams and serums for a month of treatment. The products softly care for your skin, addressing its specific balancing needs. You will also receive your personalized facial using Haute Couture products.

Months 3 to 5, the Boost phase - Your skin is now ready to accept a stronger treatment which is integrated in an optimal way. For 3 months, the Boost

phase attacks the underlying problems affecting your skin.

Month 6, the Balancing phase - The two final Haute Couture Sets stabilize your Skin Instant©. Your skin is now healthy, and your unbalances have been

treated. All you need to do now is consolidate what you have achieved.

At every stage of this program, by attending your monthly appointment in your Biologique Recherche Center, you can let us verify that the treatment is perfectly adapted and ensure that it evolves as your skin improves. At the end of the 6th month, a new set of measurements and a full report of the Skin Instant conducted by the Doctor and Haute Couture expert will conclude this exceptional Program.

The Research & Development Team in Biologique Recherche Haute Couture laboratory will prepare customized formulations of creams and serums: the Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Set.

Your monthly products include two creams, seven facial serums and an eye serum, all specially formulated from a collection of over 70 active ingredients capable of targeting the specific concerns of every type of Skin Instant.

Every month you will have an appointment in one of Biologique Recherche Haute Couture certified centers so that we can make sure your treatment is optimized and well-tolerated. Before the treatment, the aesthetician will conduct an in-depth dermatological and cosmetic diagnosis in order to assess changes to your Skin Instant using Biologique Recherche exclusive Biologique Recherche analysis system, the Skin Instant Lab. Then, the professional treatment will begin, where the beauty expert will combine the application of bespoke products with Biologique Recherche treatments for unparalleled results.

The Haute Couture Program is available for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months programs.

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