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Glenfiddich and Jordan Dalah Crown the Occasion, Unveiling a New Opulent Whisky and Collection During Afterpay Australian Fashion Week

19 May 2022

Last week, Glenfiddich, the World's Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and Australian Fashion Designer Jordan Dalah, joined forces during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2022 continuing to challenge conventions with the unexpected marriage of two luxury worlds.

This season, Jordan Dalah selected a rather unconventional seating option for his audience: the foldable camping chair. With this choice, the Australian designer offers us a new perspective on his world – look beyond the breathtaking theatrical volumes and discover the structural mechanisms that support it.

Think of the many ways a foldable chair stretches and wraps fabric between metal structures. Where fashion usually seeks to drape textiles with a natural flow, utilitarian furniture allows the suspension and support structures of the material to become visible.

Dalah’s "SS23" Collection comprised 40 looks that aimed to redefine what luxury can be., His collection was crowned with a body-hugging ‘doorstopper’ filigree dress inspired by the newest addition to Glenfiddich's Grand Series portfolio, Grande Couronne.

“Whilst continuing to hark back to costume and performance, this collection has been almost 'tainted' or 'misled' through a journey of rediscovery. As if random and mundane objects and paraphernalia have somehow crept into the design process of this collection, there is an unexpected shift within my work that I feel breathes new light into my signature silhouettes. Inspired by the structural support mechanisms of everyday objects like umbrellas, camping chairs and laundry lines, my collection this season utilizes similar mechanisms to give shape and life to the garments themselves,” said Dalah.

Once again, through humour and artistic gesture, this collection aims to redefine what luxury can be. “As a designer, I reject and reinterpret the codes of luxury. My job is to turn my ideas, as abstract and unconventional as they might be, into luxury. The opportunity to do this in another category and with a luxury product like Grande Couronne really made sense in this context. By breathing new life into an otherwise quite traditional depiction of opulence, challenging what luxury really is and presenting it to the guests at my show in an abstract and immersive way, I feel like I have crowned the occasion with my own unique stamp,” added Dalah.

Grande Couronne is the epitome of opulence – a 26-year-old single malt whisky matured in American and European oak casks, finished in rare French cognac casks for a truly extraordinary drinking experience.

As part of the collaboration, Dalah and Glenfiddich presented a reinterpreted version of the bespoke gold filigree that adorns Grande Couronne’s bottle – “Bright red and royal blue like the carpet at the show, my reinterpretation of the filigree sets the tone for the celebration to follow. This collaboration with Glenfiddich is about redefining what luxury is. I designed my own warped filigree pattern in a limited-edition colourway that reflects my “SS23” colour palette.

Creative Collaboration Lead for Glenfiddich, Ross Blainey said, “We love creating this collision between the luxury whisky and fashion worlds. With both being heavily influenced by heritage and history, it's important to take inspiration from the past while continuing to push boundaries, moving the industries forward by doing unexpected things. Jordan is bold yet elegant in his style, just like Grande Couronne, and creates his vision without compromise - what he imagines is what he creates and doesn't change to conform to anything - that's a genuinely maverick attitude.”

To crown this special occasion, guests enjoyed an exclusive and intimate cocktail party with lavish drinks provided by RE - the Australian bar awarded "most sustainable bar in the world" and ranked No. 46 at World's 50 best Bars 2021.

“I don’t want my brand to be associated with a conventional run of the mill cocktail party. The drinks, the atmosphere and the vibe have to exude a unique sense of occasion that is remembered and celebrated, rather than just attended and forgotten about,” said Dalah “Where Grande Couronne is opulent in every sense of the word, my set design is light, comical and testing. I am inviting people to sit in chairs synonymous with sporting and camping activities to add jovialness rather than seriousness to this occasion. The space is an art installation rather than a typical runway. Once again, this trust and understanding Glenfiddich has in me as a Creative Director makes this collaboration so unique and bold.”

Grande Couronne is available in luxury whisky retailers and premium establishments at a recommended retail price of $815 AUD.

A limited-edition Grande Couronne x Jordan Dalah pack will be available on 30 May. Luxury spirit enthusiasts and style seekers must register in a ballot opening on 30 May for a chance to purchase one of the exclusive packs. Each limited-edition box set will come with an exclusive unpublished print taken from Dalah’s “SS23” show, a set of six Grande Couronne balloon glasses, and a bottle of Grande Couronne (unchanged liquid) (RRP $2,699 AUD).

For more information on Grande Couronne or to register for the ballot for one of the limited-edition packs, please visit glenfiddich.com .

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