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17 May 2022

This month, Bulgari unveiled their MAGNIFICA High Jewellery and High-End Watches collection at a week-long ultra-exclusive event in Sydney. It was the first time that MAGNIFICA - the most extraordinary combination of rare gems, unrivalled craftsmanship and bold design from the Roman Maison - has ever travelled to Australia. Comprising over 150 stunning pieces, it was also the most precious showcase of high jewellery in the brand’s history to be exhibited locally.

Held within the storied ballroom of a private residence in Darling Point, the heritage-listed Swifts mansion, the event was hosted by Bulgari Oceania’s Managing Director, Andrew McLaren, with special guest Giampaolo Della Croce, Bulgari’s International High Jewellery Director, who flew out especially from Rome for this magnificent event.

Infused with a sense of timeless splendor, MAGNIFICA is an ode to the most precious and rarest gems from around the world. The star of the collection, the incredible platinum Imperial Spinel necklace, featuring a staggering 131.21 carat spinel gemstone, the fourth largest in the world by carat weight but the most beautiful in terms of quality, amazingly it is the largest faceted spinel in the world. The other three tumbled spinels are set into imperial jewels housed in private royal collections.  Bulgari’s Imperial Spinel necklace is surrounded by a cascade of 122 diamonds (51.5 carats) and 27 emerald beads (84.29 carats) completing this one-of-a-kind creation.

This rare spinel was found in Tajikistan, country of origin of all major historical spinels. These fine gemstones became known as Balas rubies, some of them were treasured property of kings and emperors. The famous 14th century ‘Black Prince Ruby’ set in England’s Imperial State Crown is one of the most famous spinel gemstones in the world believed mistakenly to be a ruby.

Other beautiful highlights include an extravagantly named Divas’ Dream necklace showcasing a 17.46 carat cabochon-cut rubellite set in pink gold with buff-top cut rubies and tourmalines, and the Le Magnifiche necklace in platinum boasting an 11.25 carat antique cushion-cut Colombian emerald.

A mesmerizing Le Magnifiche rare 6.11 oval yellow diamond platinum ring complemented by 38 sparkling white diamonds (totalling over 4 carats) is a true showstopper within the collection.

These unparalleled gifts of nature are elevated by the incredible craftsmanship of Bulgari’s artisans, creating masterpieces from within Bulgari’s High Jewellery atelier in Rome under the inspired vision of Creative Director Lucia Silvestri.  With their skilled, intelligent hands, they transform creative ideas and bidimensional sketches into amazing three-dimensional high jewellery artworks, some of which require up to 2,500 hours of handwork.

Guests who gathered to experience the radiance of MAGNIFICA included some of Australia’s most notable families and private individuals with diverse business backgrounds, all of whom are discerning collectors who recognize the exquisiteness and distinctiveness of Bulgari’s jewellery as well as its investment potential.

Says Andrew McLaren, “The MAGNIFICA collection is a brilliant expression of the bold, timeless creativity that sits at the heart of the Bulgari world. It is exciting to see jewellery of such breathtaking rarity and extravagance here on our shores in Australia.”.


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