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Vida Glow launch multi-action ingestible for skin ageing & male pattern hair loss

15 May 2022

Global number one marine collagen brand, Vida Glow, adopt the potency of their clinically substantiated collagen peptide powder to deliver a dual-action formulation directly addressing fine lines and wrinkles, and male pattern hair loss. An extension of the brand’s ingestible hydrolysed collagen product range, the conscious pivot to a gender-specific sku derives from a science-led, concern-solution directive. Recognising the prevalence of ageing skin and hair concerns in men, and looking intrinsically to get to the root of their key triggers: depletion of collagen levels and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone imbalance.

Vida Glow’s Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen works to deliver bioavailable collagen peptides to stimulate fresh collagen production that declines with age. Combined with efficacious micronutrients – including zinc, selenium, biotin and hero active, saw palmetto – it synergistically promotes healthy DHT hormone levels to reduce hair loss and thinning, and support hair growth.

High levels of DHT are said to play a vital role in male pattern hair loss, as DHT can shrink the hair follicle and disrupt the hair growth cycle. Eventually, this leads to shorter, finer hairs and progressive hair loss over time.

By slowing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, hair is able to return to a heathier state. And it is key ingredient, saw palmetto, that takes action. Responsible in Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen for supporting the healthy conversion of testosterone into DHT for hair that is strong and thick, and further thinning is prevented.

Hair sheds every day as part of its natural renewal cycle. Yet an array of factors can prompt excessive shedding, resulting in receding hairlines, overall thinning and bald patches. And while some causes of hair loss can overlap between men and women, like stress or nutritional deficiencies, men tend to experience hair loss due to hormonal factors that differ from women - meaning the approach to treatment is quite different. And it’s this key variation that has propelled the brand’s targeted intent in developing a male-specific formulation.

Vida Glow’s Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen is an easy, once-daily powdered supplement for men wanting to amplify overall skin and hair heath. Hydrolysed marine collagen works internally to strengthen skin structure, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration. While hair-supportive actives and nutrients promote fuller, thicker hair for those dealing with mild to moderate hair loss. In a natural blood orange flavour, Men’s Hair Defence + Collagen is available online at vidaglow.com. From $80 AUD.

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